'Suits' Star: "Nothing Can Ever Quite Be The Same" After Mike's Arrest

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When viewers last saw wunderkind Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) on USA Network’s Suits, he was in a pretty precarious situation. Having just resigned from Pearson, Specter, Litt, the fraudulent lawyer was looking forward to planning his wedding to Rachel (Meghan Markle) in full earnest. Unfortunately, that dream was ripped out from under him when he was finally arrested for the crimes he’s been committing since season one in a cliffhanger midseason finale.

When the series returns with the second half of its fifth season on Wednesday, things aren’t looking any better for Mike as audiences meet the woman intent on taking him down: prosecutor Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope). In fact much of the series' first episode back, “Blowback,” focuses on that cat-and-mouse relationship as Mike sits in jail, and the rest of the firm tries to figure out just how to get their friend out of this mess.

To find out what’s in store for Mike and what kind of effect this arrest will have on the rest of his relationships at the firm, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Adams ahead of the premiere to discuss how Mike's "crisis," how it will affect his relationship with Rachel and the scene he was most scared to shoot.

What kind of mind frame is Mike in when the show returns?

It’s extended over six episodes so there’s a lot going on in his head. He’s backed into a corner now, and he’s going to spend six episodes bending himself to every possible position. Because it’s Mike, he’s going to want to throw himself on the sword at times to save the people he loves. Other times he’s going to be faced with the fact that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) would never let this happen. He’ll be faced with the fact that this is something he did and he’s going to have to pay the price for that and he’s also going to want to fight it tooth and nail. At times he may believe he can actually even get away with it and continue to practice law. There are so many different ways that you react to a crisis like that. You’ll see all the different colors over the next six.

Does he have any initial suspicions about who sold him out?

I’m sure he does. They spend a little bit of time trying to figure out who it was, but they spend more time dealing with the fact that it’s out and they have a trial. Obviously there are a lot of good contenders, and there’s no shortage of people that could potentially turn him in at this point. They’ve been a little bit lax with this particular secret.

What was your personal reaction when you found out who it was?

I loved it, I thought it was unexpected. But I won’t say more than that. It was a great, unexpected choice. Like everything in Suits, you think you’re going in one direction and then it takes you in a new one.

Does this mean less of the movie-quoting duo of Harvey and Mike for now?

This is definitely a more dramatic version of the show; we’re heading into what is the dramatic crux of the series and has been for a long time. It’s not going to be without humor at times, especially when they score a point on the other side. But I think that we’re definitely dealing with some heavy subject matter in the back six and with these two guys in particular you get to see what makes their bond so strong.

What kind of blowback does this have on Rachel and Mike?

Everybody who is close to Mike is taking a hit. Obviously the biggest thing they’re scared of is if this goes wrong and he’s forced to go to prison, just how long they’re going to be apart from each other. I can’t imagine being in a relationship where you know you’re about to lose the person for who knows how many years. So that comes into play, that definitely is going to come into play in how they choose to fight the case and what their options are.

What can you tease about Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) and his return?

That was the scene I was most scared to shoot. Without even having read it, before I even knew I was going to read it, I was like, “Wendell is going to be pissed about this. Robert Zane is going to be the most angry of all these characters.” And luckily that is something fans get to see right off the top. I was super excited to see how that character would respond and what affect that was going to have on their relationship. Obviously Rachel Zane admires her father a great deal and looks up to him. It’s never easy if your father-in-law would rather see you rot in jail than ever see you marry his daughter.

How will the rest of the firm react?

Everybody rallies here. Louis is the weak link, and you see people rub up against that a little bit and want to take advantage of that. That’s definitely a theme of the next six, is Anita Gibbs coming at them while they’re trying to rally, keeping Mike out of prison. Louis is maybe the easiest to rattle and he’s the first one, but he’s still part of the team, and if one person goes down everybody goes down at this point. And I don’t think anybody is unaware of that. As for Jessica (Gina Torres), she and Mike weren’t exactly buddy-buddy, so you can imagine her opinion of this entire situation. But it’s also the fact this entire firm is at risk. Everything she has built is at risk if he goes down. So it’s in everybody’s best interest to make this work.

How does this storyline shift change the series going forward?

It’s a total game shift; the show can never be quite the same again. Ultimately these characters are the heartbeats of the show and no matter where they are and what they’re doing you’ll have the same things people love about this show. I don’t know what will happen after the last episode of this season, but I think once you tackle a problem like this, you have to embrace all the changes that come with it. The writers have done a really bold thing in these last episodes and I think that no matter what happens to Mike, whether he goes to prison or manages to beat this thing, nothing can ever quite be the same.

Suits returns Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA Network.

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