'Suits' Stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams on Season 2, Birthday Suits and Harvey's Breakdown (Q&A)

 In the last half of the season, "you're going to see [Harvey Specter] break," Macht tells THR.

USA Network has found another successful drama in rookie series Suits. Consistently drawing an audience of more than 4 million viewers so far in its first season, the Gabriel Macht-Patrick Adams legal show -- in the post-Burn Notice slot -- has garnered a loyal following.

During a casual interview at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour, the snappily dressed Macht and Adams spoke to The Hollywood Reporter -- when they weren't bantering back and forth -- about their characters (Macht plays hotshot Manhattan lawyer Harvey Specter and Adams portrays newbie Mike Ross), what the second half of the season entails and where they'd like to see Season 2 go.

The Hollywood Reporter: How is filming going so far?

Gabriel Macht: We hate it. We can't stand each other.
Patrick Adams: Get us out of there.
Macht: We don't speak on set. He walks one way. I walk the other way.
Adams: We don't even shoot together.
Macht: If he looks me in the eye, I get a brand new pair of tennis shoes.
Adams: He's gotten a lot of tennis shoes.

THR: In last week's episode, we saw a glimpse of who Harvey is outside of the office. Will we see more of that?

Macht: In the next few episodes, you're going to see a little bit more of that. You're not going to see him quite in his apartment all the time. Actually, you'll see him in his apartment this week. We're slowly pulling back on some of the slick. If I could shave [the hair] all off, I would.
Adams: Yea, we always say that: Shave it all off. I get to spend two minutes in the makeup chair. He's got to spend about 10 minutes.

THR: What can you tell us about Mike's journey as he starts to find his footing at the law firm?

Adams: For me, I think it's all about solidifying what my purpose is in this law firm and if I'm really going to be able to hack it there and by the end of the season, answering the question, "Am I going to be able to even stay here? Am I going to get figured out? What's going to happen?" The stakes are getting higher and higher and building towards an end where some choices are going to have to be made and we might be thrust into situations that'll make life a little more complicated for us.

THR: Do you have any favorite scenes or episodes from the season?

Adams: This episode coming up this week was a favorite across the board. It was this mock trial situation so Mike Ross got to be a lawyer for the first time and try his hand at that. We had guest star Abigail Spencer.
Macht: We've seen the female Harvey (played by Spencer) go toe-to-toe and we have this massive rivalry and we like to work it all out in the bedroom.
Adams: That was tough for you.
Macht: That was really hard.

THR: When the show is renewed for a second season, where would you like to see Harvey and Mike go?

Adams: The first season is a little bit of an origin story and that's figuring each other out. Hopefully in the second season, it will be a little bit more of that and also us knowing each other. The first season was a lot of him going, "What the hell are you saying?" and me going "What the hell are you saying?" We haven't really talked about it but I think in the second season, the better we get to know each other the more we actually get to use each other's strengths. We can be a tighter unit.
Macht: This is an origin story here, so I'm hoping in the next season, maybe we'll see him flying ... see the real powers coming out.
Adams: See what I have under my suit.
Macht: Exactly. Your birthday suit.

THR: Cracks are starting to show in Harvey's shell. Will that continue?

Macht: He shows his emotion with certain people and even though he says he doesn't like emotion, he'll use it when he needs to. In the last episodes, you're going to see that armor really crack open. You're going to see a bit of his past and why he became the lawyer he is. He used to work for the district attorney. You know he feels guilty for a life that has been lost. You're going to see him break and I think it's a great way to peel that onion.
Adams: We shot one of those scenes the other day and it's good.
Macht: Yea, Harvey loses it. He's not as smooth.

THR: Do you believe a real friendship will form or has formed between Mike and Harvey?

Macht: I think Mike is constantly questioning but I think Harvey actually believes that it's there. He has to ride him, he's got to be tough on him, but he's absolutely fair with his approach; what he can give to him, how he lets him go on his way, how he inspires him. I think there's some teaching, but there is a friendship and Harvey knows this guy is his ace in the hole.
Adams: There are a lot of moments with -- for lack of a better word -- tenderness, friendship tenderness. He lets me get away with some stuff, he realizes that. He defends me.

THR: Do you agree with the way Harvey operates?

Macht: Look, there's no doubt that Harvey's smarter than this kid, alright.
Adams: Wait a minute ...

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