'Suits' Asks "Who Sold Out Mike" in New Promo (Exclusive Video)

SUITS S05E10 Still - H 2015
Shane Mahood/USA Network

SUITS S05E10 Still - H 2015

For five seasons, Suits has tiptoed around the issue of whether it would ever be discovered that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is not an actual lawyer but a boy genius with an eidetic memory and penchant for talking his way out of most situations.

As viewers saw, that secret is suddenly out, as Mike was arrested in front of fiancee Rachel (Meghan Markle) in the closing minutes of the midseason finale.

When Suits returns for the second half of season five on Jan. 27 for a six-episode run, the story largely will follow Mike's arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud and the resulting investigation, led by assistant U.S. attorney Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope, 24), which threatens to bring the whole firm down. Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike's mentor and the person responsible for hiring him in the first place, has resigned from the firm in order to protect it, and now he must find a way to get Mike off the hook, even though he knows Mike is guilty.

As for Rachel, understandably her world has crumbled, now that her husband-to-be is behind bars, and she must face her family in the wake of the scandal. Naturally, that includes her own lawyer father, Robert Zane (returning guest-star Wendell Pierce).

However, the biggest question isn't how Mike will get out of this mess, but just who it was who actually gave him up to the authorities.

"It could have been a friend, foe, a neutral party or someone who has never even met Mike," showrunner Aaron Korsh previewed to THR last August. "We went through the whole gamut and landed on someone I liked. It's not necessarily poetic, but we’ve seen a lot of different reactions to people discovering Mike’s secret, and this is a new reaction."

As the search for the snitch heats up, The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive first look at the show's latest promo, which asks just that: Who sold Mike out? The video lines up several possible suspects, but given most of these past characters' reactions, it could be any of of them.

Suits returns Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 10 p.m. on USA Network. Who do you think sold Mike out? Leave your best guesses in the comments below, and vote at USANetwork.com/Suits.

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