Super Bowl 2013: 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Under the Dome,' '2 Broke Girls' Get Creative Spots (Videos)

Under The Dome Book Cover - P 2012

Under The Dome Book Cover - P 2012

CBS took full advantage of the Super Bowl to pump the network's upcoming summer drama Under the Dome and comedy staples The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls.

The promo for Under the Dome -- which hasn't yet completed casting, let alone begun filming -- is a cryptic take on the Stephen King book cover about the postapocalyptic series that explores life for a small town that finds itself suddenly and mysteriously covered by a dome.

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In addition, the short promo also points viewers watching the Ravens-49ers matchup to a website ( to enter their home address and see their residence covered by a dome thanks to the wonders of Google Earth. (Dome premieres June 24, for those intrigued.)

Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory poked fun at its recent ratings success -- which included topping 20 million viewers sans DVR data -- and featured its nerdy cast in full football gear. (Poor Leonard learned the hard way where the pads really go.)

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Not to be outdone, second-year comedy 2 Broke Girls unveiled a racy video directed by David LaChapelle featuring stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings glammed up and rocking out to Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" that took advantage of the show's often crass humor.

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Watch the promos below and hit the comments with your thoughts. Are you intrigued by Under the Dome?

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