NBC's 'Revolution' Takes Advantage of Super Bowl Blackout

KEY SHOW TO WATCH: "Revolution"

NBC is giving its most valuable post-"Voice" time slot to a serialized, high-concept big bet from producer J.J. Abrams. Will it be a "Lost" or another "Undercovers" or "Alcatraz?" 

The Super Bowl may have been broadcast on CBS, but it was NBC that took full advantage when New Orleans' Louisiana Superdome suddenly lost power.

Less than two minutes had elapsed in the third quarter of the Baltimore Ravens-San Francisco 49ers game before parts of the stadium unexpectedly lost power. Soon thereafter, viewers turned to Twitter to voice their conspiracy theories on what had just happened. One of them concerned NBC's high-profile post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, set in a world without electricity.

It was perfect timing.

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"Just a taste of what’s to come on March 25. #LightsOut #Revolution," said a tweet from the official Twitter account for Revolution sent out at 6:45 p.m. PST on Sunday, about an hour after power was first lost.

Ten minutes later, another tweet was sent out with a link to an image of a necklace crucial to unlocking the Revolution mystery: "If only the stadium had one of these... #RevolutionMarch25." The same image was also pushed through on Revolution's Facebook page.

Television heavyweights had some fun taking swipes at what would end up being a 34-minute delay of the game, which the Ravens ultimately won after the 49ers staged a comeback post-blackout.

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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon producer Mike Shoemaker wrote on Twitter: "This is just like 'Revolution.' I wonder when the vines start growing." Former Walking Dead showrunner Glenn Mazzara quipped: "Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Or a lame stunt promoting Revolution?" The Vampire Diaries' Julie Plec joined in on the commentary, tweeting, "NBC and JJ Abrams just 'Revolution' photobombed the Superbowl."

On a grand stage like the Super Bowl, any mention or tie-in could potentially prove beneficial when the freshman NBC drama returns March 25 following a four-month hiatus.

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