Howard Stern Featured in 'America's Got Talent' Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Howard Stern's 'America's Got Talent' Super Bowl Commercial


What would Howard Stern do to an overweight man in a red and blue sequined outfit who happened to be poorly singing onstage?

Hose him down obviously.

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An ad for America’s Got Talent’s new season – featuring Stern as a judge – premiered during the Super Bowl, and Stern kept his harsh attitude front and center.

In December, the shock jock announced he was joining the NBC show on his Sirius XM Radio show. He replaced CNN host Piers Morgan.

Shortly after, the Parents Television Council blasted NBC for even considering Stern in the first place, calling it "an act of desperation for a failing network."

Stern responded to the PTC's concerns on Piers Morgan Tonight, reassuring viewers that he would take his new post seriously. "What I can assure you and the rest of America is what I'm looking at here is to be a very good judge," Stern said. "I take it seriously. You know I watch the show," to which Morgan nodded in the affirmative.

According to the new ad, Stern is so serious that he is not above hosing down a peppy little child in a pink dress.