Super Bowl Players Show Off Hidden Talents, Talk 'The Bachelor' in 'Late Show' Segment

The Stephen Colbert-hosted late-night show had some fun with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh and John Johnson III.
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

As the 2019 Super Bowl approaches, Stephen Colbert wants to help CBS promote the event.

"People around here, they're very excited for the game. It feels like everyone on my staff wishes they could ask the players just one question," he explained on Thursday's episode of The Late Show. "So I decided to let them do that."

The host then introduced the "Just One Question: Super Bowl Edition" segment that allowed the late-night show's employees to ask New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams players questions before they face off against each other in Atlanta on Sunday.

The segment opened as an employee asked Rams punter Johnny Hekker what his first thought was when he found out that he was going to the Super Bowl. "My first thought was 'I hope we get a lot of tickets because I have a big family,'" he said.

Another employee asked Rams safety John Johnson III if he planned to go to Disney World if his team wins the game. "Nah man, I'm banned for life cause I got too excited on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I tried to fight the skeletons cause he wasn't about to do my boy Jack Sparrow like that," he answered.

Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers later revealed that his coach's nickname is "Coach." He continued, "You know his real name isn't Coach, right?"

A fourth employee asked Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to throw him the ball. When the athlete agreed, another player blocked the employee to intercept the ball.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was later asked how much he can bench. "You mean lifting weights or feeding birds?" he asked. The athlete said that he could feed birds in a park all day without getting tired. "They're like nature's friends."

Brady revealed his plans for life after football during the segment. "I'm going to play baseball and after baseball, I'm gonna play Hamlet," he said. He then pulled out a skull and recited lines from the Shakespeare play with a slight accent.

Rams defensive end Dante Fowler, Jr. next answered if he would like to be in the Hall of Fame. "Yes, but not for football. For polka," he answered before pulling out an accordion to show off his musical skills.

The L.A.-based team's defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh also explained how the players choose their jersey numbers.  "It's based on the number of cupcakes I can eat under a minute," said number 93.

Another employee asked Flowers if he's worried that women only love him because he's "a famous, muscular athlete." He responded, "That's fine with me."

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski revealed during the segment that he had to turn down an endorsement with Endicott's Puppy Meth. "You know, Endicott's Puppy Meth. When you want to give meth to your puppy," he said.

The Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty later said that the most difficult part of his job is determining which end of the football is the front, while defensive back Devin McCourty pointed out which side is the front.

"Congratulations. You're bringing Los Angeles to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1980. So I've got to ask you, who's going to win The Bachelor this year?" asked another employee.

"Well look, Hannah G. is doing way better than Hannah B. I mean, she got the first impression rose, so she's sitting pretty, but Colton didn't take her on any dates this week. Plus, there's always Cassie, so I say it's anyone's game," said Johnson.

Watch the full clip below.