'Supergirl' Boss on Renewal Chances, Pod Mystery and Exploring Superman

Supergirl - Melissa Benoist -April 18 - H 2016
Cliff Lipson/CBS

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season one finale of CBS' Supergirl.]

Supergirl's future isn't invincible. 

CBS wrapped up the freshman DC Comics drama on Monday with a cliffhanger as the cast, creators and crew of Supergirl anxiously await word of the show's future.

To hear exec producer Ali Adler tell it, the decision to end the series with a cliffhanger was a conscious choice as she says the network remains interested in bringing back the Melissa Benoist drama for a second run.

Here's how it went down: Kara (Benoist) saved National City and learned that a Kryptonian ship crash-landed on Earth. The pod was empty, so it's unknown who or what was inside and if he/she/it will be a friend or foe to the girl of steel. Additionally, Supergirl lobotomized Non (Chris Vance) and defeated Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) while destroying the Myriad program, and James (Mehcad Brooks) finally kissed her back. And while Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) acted as Supergirl's ally to help her destroy Myriad, he was seen receiving the Omegahedron from Gen. Sam Lane (Glenn Morshower) for mysterious reasons. 

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with executive producer Adler about Supergirl's chances of getting a second season, who's in the pod and more. 

What have you heard about your chances of getting a renewal for season two?

We all have to be positive. I think Les Moonves was speaking to someone and just candidly said, "All freshmen series are returning," and I hope he meant us. I think everyone at CBS wants this show to last and I think we're all working for that angle.

Was the finale constructed as both a series finale and potential door opening for season two?

Unfortunately, all the business stuff can't stop the creativity, so we must proceed as if we're having a season two. We've been having so much fun in the writers' room figuring out what's next for these characters. Season two is going to be more reflective of their past and how they're going to change their future as a result of it in a really emotional way.

Would you be satisfied if this turned out to be the end of the series?

We definitely want to continue making more of this show. For the finale, we always knew that we wanted Kara to succeed in what her mom couldn't do, which was save her planet. Her mom valiantly tried to save Krypton and couldn't. It's a story of a daughter almost becoming more powerful than the mother. That was so beautifully rendered in the finale last night.

Who is in the pod? Is this Superboy?

We want to start the hashtag "#WhoOrWhatIsInThePod. (Laughs.) We have an idea of who or what that is and would love to share that with CBS. It's like, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. (Laughs.) We're really excited to get there. Ultimately, the who or what in the pod will have a very large effect on the emotion and physical story for next season. We can't assume it's an ally for certain, but I think that what happened during this year is for season one, she was having this large, for lack of a better description, coming-out process. And often, she embraces who she is; that's what we spend a lot of time talking about. As she has come out so successfully as a superhero, we can place more emphasis next season on her emotional growth, her professional growth, and that's the story we're hoping to explore next season.

James finally kissed Kara back at the end of the finale. What does this mean for their relationship going forward?

That was actually the last scene we shot of the season. It was a very fitting last scene. Of course we want Kara to explore her whole self and that includes romance. But this show isn't necessarily about will they or won't they or are they or aren't they. But coming together, we are incumbent to explore that dynamic for her at the top of the season.

What would a relationship between them look like? Could it work?

Can an alien and a human be together? We must explore that physiologically and also emotionally. When you're the person willing to risk yourself to save the world, it's not necessarily an easy relationship to have from either perspective. We'll definitely explore that.

Are there any possibilities for another crossover with The Flash?

We would obviously love to have Grant Gustin back if we could. But he's the Flash, the busiest man in the world. (Laughs.)

What lessons did you learn from season one?

For me, I'm very excited to explore the more human side of our alien Kara Zor-El and see how she operates now that she has come out in this grand way and feels comfortable with herself. What else can we learn from her as a woman? I'd say the same is true about Alex (Chyler Leigh) and J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood). All these people, I would love to more richly unload their personal lives and see what they're doing when they're not working. What makes them tick as people, as individuals, and ultimately, a force that is a crime-fighting unit.

Showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg have said that Lynda Carter will play the president next season. How big of a role are you planning for her?

It would be incredible to have her on the show, a true honor, but it depends on her schedule.

With season one in the books, how do you feel about introducing Superman? Is that still an option to explore at some point?

Right now, we're just telling Supergirl's story. We'll see where that takes us.