'Supernatural' Producer to Adapt 'The Samsara Chronicles' Book Series for TV (Exclusive)

The Samsara Chronicles Cover - P 2015
Courtesy of eXtacy Books

The Samsara Chronicles Cover - P 2015

Supernatural producer Cyrus Yavneh has pacted with Toronto-based Dominant Entertainment, led by veteran financier Michael Gianfriddo, to turn The Samsara Chronicles book anthology into a sci-fi TV series.

Los Angeles-based Yavneh, who also produced Fox's 24 and the Falling Skies pilot, will executive produce and co-showrun the TV adaptation of the book series by authors Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley. Production on the first season of The Samsara Chronicles series, or 10 episodes, is scheduled to start in spring 2016 in Vancouver.

Kemp has adapted the first book in The Samsara Chronicles series to portray on screen two people, bound by destiny and romance, catapulted into an apocalypse to decide the fate of three worlds. "Samsara is original in story, sound and color design. It will breathe and inhabit on a lavish epic scale that will seduce and nourish considerable viewership and ancillary profits," said Yavneh in a statement.

Dominant Entertainment CEO Gianfriddo will oversee financing and also executive produce the book-to-TV project. Dominant is also at work with Alan Glazer's Trimax Media on the $12 million supernatural thriller Shadow Train, now being cast ahead of a planned spring 2016 production in and around Toronto.