5 Loose Ends 'Supernatural' Needs to Wrap Up in Its Final Season

Supernatural Still Lost and Found Episode - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of The CW

It's been a wild ride on Supernatural, but all good things must eventually come to an end. And after after a decade and a half, The CW's longest-running series will do just that as season 15 will officially be its last. 

Series stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins announced late last week that the only show left standing from the former WB Network will end after season 15 by breaking the news in an emotional video on social media. Currently airing season 14, Supernatural has burned through quite a bit of story and characters in its quest to deliver the past 303 episodes (so far). The Winchesters have gone to hell and back (multiple times), stopped many different kinds of apocalypses, died more than they'd each care to admit, visited heaven and even met/befriended God. And most importantly, through it all they've kept up their motto of "saving people, hunting things ... the family business."

But over the past 14 years, things were bound to slip through the cracks. Some storylines and characters were introduced only to get left behind without proper closure. These loose threads have long been debated by the massive, global Supernatural fan base as season after season goes by without mentioning or returning to these forgotten people, places and issues.

With only one 20-episode season left to air before the Winchesters (hopefully) ride off into the sunset in their Impala for good, these five loose ends need to be revisited and wrapped up to make sure that the final season of Supernatural signs off with a satisfying finish. There's still time!

5. A visit to their namesake

In all 14-going-on-15 years, how is it that Supernatural has never spent an episode at the real-life location Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California? The haunted mansion in NorCal was under construction for 38 years, without stopping, to keep the ghosts of souls killed by Winchester rifles at bay. There are doors and stairs that lead to nowhere, completely unfinished rooms that have no logic or architectural reason, and again, it's really haunted! Plus it's literally named Winchester, which served as the actual inspiration for Sam (Padalecki) and Dean's (Ackles) last name, according to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. The episodic story practically writes itself. With one season left, Supernatural can still right this wrong by having Sam and Dean work a case at the Winchester Mystery House.

4. Is Benny still alive? Er, half-dead?

Dean's old vampire BFF Benny (Ty Olsson) was last seen alive/half-dead helping Dean and Sam escape Purgatory. He sacrificed his own return to the real-world to let the Winchesters escape through portal while Benny distracted the other vampires trying to attack them. Dean definitely hasn't forgotten his former ally still stuck in Purgatory, as evidenced by his hallucinations in season 10's "The Werther Project" or the interrogation in season 12's "Mamma Mia," so why has he stopped trying to save his friend? Benny should absolutely make a return trip for the final season to get closure once and for all.

3. Dean's forgotten nemesis

Dean has escaped death time and time again, but there's still someone out there who vowed to kill Dean that hasn't turned up since: Amy's (Jewel Staite) kitsune son Jacob (Lyova Beckwitt). Amy was a childhood friend of Sam's that Dean killed when she started killing people so Jacob could eat and survive back in the season seven episode, "The Girl Next Door." After Dean killed Amy, he threatened Jacob that if he ever started killing and eating people like his mother had, Dean would kill him, too. But Jacob vowed that the only person he would kill would be Dean out of revenge for his mother's death. It's been seven years since, and young Jacob will certainly have grown up by now to become an intimidating and powerful kitsune. Has he remembered his vow of revenge, or has he moved on? Will Dean die by his hands by the end of the series, or will Dean be forced to kill Jacob when he tries to attack?

2. The actual Antichrist

Listen, there's an Antichrist walking around that the Winchesters just seem to have forgotten about, and that's more than a little worrisome. Jesse Turner (Gattlin Griffith) was introduced back in the season five episode "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," as the half-human, half-demon child with essentially unlimited powers. Essentially unlimited powers! Those were Castiel's (Collins) exact words! He can control and exorcise demons with just a few simple words. He has the potential to be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. Castiel argued all those years ago that Jesse needed to be killed, but Sam and Dean argued and fought for full transparency and wanted to give the kid a choice. They told young Jesse the truth about angels and demons and Jesse's part in the Heaven/Hell war, and he decided to make himself disappear, probably somewhere in Australia. No one knows where he is and they won't be able to find him unless he wants them to. But what happens when Jesse gets older and decides he wants to take a side in the war? No one will be able to stop him. Now there's a perfect big bad for the final season of Supernatural, as it's someone that Sam and Dean already have a personal connection with and essentially let go free into the world with unchecked powers.

1. Can't forget about Adam!

It's been a few years so it's a little understandable if this one's been forgotten. But poor Adam Milligan (Jake Abel), aka the third Winchester brother, is still unaccounted for after being trapped in the cage with Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino) way back in season five. Sure, he's only Sam and Dean's half-brother, but he's still someone who sacrificed his whole life because of the apocalypse that Sam and Dean stopped. But when season 11 visited Lucifer in his cage, Adam was nowhere to be found. Where is he? Did he escape? Did he find happiness after years of unimaginable torture? Why have Sam and Dean never thought about him? That's pretty terrible for brothers who value family above all. If nothing else, Supernatural needs to bring Adam back in the final season to finally give some answers. If season 14 gave fans the Winchester family reunion with John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), it's not asking for the impossible to finally revisit Adam too.

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