TCA: 10 of the Funniest Quotes From the CW's 'Badass Boys' Panel

CW Bad Ass Boys TCA Panel - H 2012
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

CW Bad Ass Boys TCA Panel - H 2012

The boys of the CW took the stage at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour for the "Badass Boys of the CW" panel, and as expected, the session provided some notable quotes.

"Badass" — and different versions of the word — became the choice term for Kris Polaha (Ringer), Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie), Jared Padalecki (Supernatural), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries) and Shane West (Nikita), after CW chief Mark Pedowitz lobbed himself into the mix as a joke.

Here are 10 of the funniest and most revealing quotes:

1. Padalecki: "You're all familiar with the standardized badass test?"

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2. Polaha, on being included on the panel: "I was shocked. This is a new revelation ... I was sure they had the wrong guy but there's only one Polaha west of the Mississippi. ... Henry cleaned up blood. I don't know if that's a badass thing."

3. Bethel, when someone asked about his poetry writing: "Hey guys, she's making it up. I only write poetry when I'm riding my motorcycle smoking weed chasing rattlesnakes."

4. Polaha, on his childhood badassery: "I was a badass when I was 7 or 8 years old. I'm a reformed badass."

5. Morgan, on Klaus' two brothers appearing on The Vampire Diaries: "They're badasses in training. They've started to master the heart pulling out and the neck breaking. ... My character is a hybrid, so that boosts me up on the badass scale. At the moment, I'm looking over my shoulder. We'll see if they catch up."

6. Padalecki, on Supernatural: "We have no boundaries ... I've been to hell, I've been Lucifer. ... We also have a forgiving fanbase. It's like a vaudeville act, and they forgive us. That and the hair."

7. Bethel, calling out a reporter in the room: "I can set the barometer by saying, 'If you're the one guy in the room on an HP [laptop], that's badass.' "

8. Westwick, on being referred to as old by a reporter: "You're the first person that's ever made me feel old." (Westwick is 24.)

9. Panelists on a school that teaches you how to be badass:

Polaha: "They teach you how to be a badass actor. There's a lot of work in the face … there's posture. ... We take it very seriously."
Westwick: "It's all in the posture."
Bethel (about the panel): "Look at all those crossed legs."

10. Morgan, on Klaus: "I worry about [Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson] making him softer. I think they can make him more human and relatable without taking away his badassism." Padalecki then interjected while stills of all the panelists were being shown, joking, "There's going to be a hair contest ... this was plopped on your [picture]."

Honorable mentions:

  • Padalecki, on why co-star Jensen Ackles is not on the session: "He totally should. It's all relative. I flew down from Vancouver ... the only reason why I could come down is because Jensen's working."
    Polaha: "In a fight, who would win ...? ... Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Jensen Ackles!"
  • Bethel, on Wade's many shirtless scenes: "[When they start asking me to stop taking off my shirt], my time on the CW is short-lived."
    Padalecki: "And I'll stop watching."