'Wayward Sisters': All the Details (So Far) About the 'Supernatural' Spinoff

From casting news to when it will air, get all the information about The CW's latest attempt to spin off its longest-running series.
Katie Yu/The CW

Could lightning strike twice for Supernatural?

The CW's longest-running series is attempting to launch a spinoff for the second time. After the Supernatural: Bloodlines backdoor pilot failed to garner enough interest to continue as a separate series back in 2014, the genre drama is trying again, this time with the female-centric Wayward Sisters.

So what makes attempt No. 2 any different than the first try? The Hollywood Reporter rounds up all the details about the upcoming planted episode, from its premise to castings and more. Bookmark this page as we'll continue to update it as more information becomes available.  


Wayward Sisters tells the story of Supernatural fan-favorite recurring player Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural monster attacks and tragedies. Under Mills' protection, they emerge as a supreme monster-fighting force. With a title that nods to the original series' unofficial theme song, Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son," the spinoff will include characters from Supernatural along with new ones that will be introduced. The backdoor pilot comes from exec producers Andrew Daab, Robert Singer, Phil Sgricca and Robert Berens.


As for who will move over to the potential spinoff, joining Rhodes is fan-favorite character Sheriff Donna Hanscum (played by Briana Buckmaster). The character is a relative novice to the hunter's life after her eye-opening introduction to the supernatural world in season nine, but a close friend whom Jody can confide in. The group of young girls includes Supernatural characters Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton), aka angel Castiel's (Misha Collins) human vessel's daughter who turned to the supernatural life after her father essentially abandoned her family and vampire nest escapee Annie "Alex" Jones (Katherine Ramdeen). New characters Patience Turner (Clark Backo, Designated Survivor) and Kaia Nieves (Yadira Guevara-Prip) will also be introduced for the spinoff.

Patience is a high school overachiever whose life is turned upside down when she discovers she's a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother, season one's Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine, who will also make a return trip to Supernatural this season). Her power makes her a target of dark forces, and the hunted girl finds refuge with her Wayward family. The final Wayward daughter, sarcastic and profoundly haunted Kaia, will recur on Supernatural this season and will be a series regular on Wayward Sisters should it be picked up to series. Kaia lost her family at a young age. On her own, completely disconnected from her roots, she tried to understand having developed gift where she can walk between worlds in her dreams — a rare and terrifying power she experiences only as a curse, which she doesn't understand and can't yet control. Despite her struggles with her terrifying power, Kaia is "strong and willful as hell — she's had to be, to survive this long on her own."

The young girls will train with Sheriff Mills and be led by Claire.

Air date

The backdoor pilot will air as part of Supernatural's upcoming 13th season. Where it falls in the flagship's run has yet to be determined and an air date remains unclear. 

But why?

Now this one's important: Wayward Sisters already has a devoted base, as the premise for the pilot started as a fan campaign two years ago. With support on social media, including from the Supernatural stars, the new spinoff idea has a built-in audience that the first attempt, in a way, did not. Season nine's Bloodlines, which was about the warring monster mafia families of Chicago (with a Romeo and Juliet-like love story woven in), followed a completely new cast of too many characters, and wouldn't include any original Supernatural characters past the planted pilot episode as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) left Chicago at the end of the hour. It was too unfamiliar and too much information for one episode to introduce in a compelling way. There was no reason to care about any of the characters after Sam and Dean left, especially since they were all monsters, the exact types of creatures the Winchesters spent nine seasons fighting and killing. 

Supernatural has long been criticized for its disappointing treatment of female characters — in 12 seasons, the only surviving recurring female characters are all in Wayward Sisters. This spinoff idea will allow the showrunners to tell responsible, lasting female stories within the Supernatural world. The female friend dynamic between Mills and Hanscum is what inspired the fan devotion for Wayward Sisters, after all. If any Supernatural spinoff is going to work, it's this one.