'Supernatural': Who Might Die in Season 11?

The extended trailer for The CW's long-running series reveals that someone major is dying. But who is it?

Death (Julian Richings) may be dead, but that won't stop death with a lowercase "d" from plaguing Supernatural this season.

After Dean (Jensen Ackles) made the hasty decision to kill Death with his own scythe in the season 10 finale, both he and Sam (Jared Padalecki) had no idea what that meant for the world moving forward. Dean only did it to save Sam's life, but now that Death is gone and the Mark of Cain has been removed from Dean's arm, releasing the mysterious evil Darkness into the world, all bets are off going into season 11.

The extended season 11 trailer reveals that without Death to patrol the natural order of things and with the Darkness running free, everything is in chaos. Set to Death's hauntingly beautiful theme song, "O, Death," the two-minute promo features many shots of Sam and Dean bloody and beaten, Castiel (Misha Collins) suffering from the curse Rowena (Ruth Connell) put on him, and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) looking smug, wearing a priest's collar — two things that should never be allowed to happen.

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"What new hell has Dean Winchester unleashed upon the world?" Rowena ominously asks. Looks like everyone is going to come to regret Dean's rash actions this season.

But the most foreboding part of the new footage is an unidentified woman telling someone, "I know you're dying. I can feel it."

Who is she talking to? As immune to death as the Winchesters may seem after 10 years of battling demons, angels and everything in between, Sam is looking worse for wear when he asks God for help. Those black marks running up his neck don't mean anything good ... are they a sign of the Darkness taking hold? Could season 11 be the end for Sam? 

Or could this mysterious woman be talking to Castiel? When viewers last saw the angel, he had just been cursed to attack Crowley, and in the new trailer, he still bears the red, bloodshot eyes that came with the curse. He's also seen tied up, with someone putting a black bag over his head. But Castiel has come back from much worse situations than that.

Of course, she could be talking to Dean. Without the Mark of Cain keeping him alive, and having just killed Death, the elder Winchester has a giant bull's-eye on his back going into the new season. Does killing Death automatically make Dean next in line to take up the position? 

Perhaps the King of Hell, Crowley, and his mother Rowena might finally meet their makers now that there's a dark entity out there more powerful than them.

Check out the extended trailer below, and then vote in the poll below with your thoughts on which character is most likely to die in season 11.

Supernatural season 11 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. on The CW.