The 'Superstore' Olympics Special Exists Outside the Comedy's Narrative

NBC's returning half-hour is trying to lure as many new viewers as possible with the platform  — and that won't involve labor storylines.

The cast and crew of Superstore, a show that perhaps saw more mentions than any other during NBC's day at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, had more than a little time to come up with a premise for a special Summer Olympics outing.

The network informed creator and executive producer Justin Spitzer of plans to give them an Olympic-sized platform with a new episode airing on Friday, Aug. 19 (10:30 p.m. ET/PT) — ahead of the season premiere. In order to capture as many new eyeballs as possible, and not confuse anyone, Spitzer told reporters on Tuesday that the episode will not continue the narrative events that started with the freshman finale. Instead, the episode will chronologically belong in a more ambiguous spot during the first year.

"The Olympics episode is this bonus stand-alone episode that takes place at some point before the walk-out," he said. "Cheyenne [Nichole Bloom] is still pregnant, and they haven't gone on strike."

Superstore's first season wrapped with the staff of the titular big-box store deciding to unionize and walk out on the job. It's not exactly light stuff. The Olympics episode skirts the issue in favor of an Games-themed opening ceremony taking place at the store. Fans of the show, which NBC says there are many, can rest assured knowing that the storyline picks back up with the official second-season premiere on Sept. 22. "We pick up almost after the events of the finale," Spitzer assured.

He also offered up some other nuggets of how the show gets political in its second run. Issues include undocumented immigrants, conceal-and-carry laws and transgender bathroom legislation.