'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Finale: 7 Burning Questions Answered

Does Ciera regret the rock draw? Did Monica ever seriously consider flipping? And did Laura M. really expect Tina to throw the final Redemption Island duel? THR gets answers to these questions and more.
From left: Ciera Eastin, Tyson Apostol, Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson in Sunday night's finale

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Sunday night's Survivor finale.]

Tyson Apostol was named the winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water on Sunday night.

After the live reunion show, he told The Hollywood Reporter about his plans for his $1 million prize and whether he'd play Survivor again (read the interview here).

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On Sunday night, THR also talked to the rest of the top seven castaways to get some answers to some burning questions from the finale and the season as a whole.

As a former champion who was picked off pretty quickly in her second time on the show, how did Tina Wesson make it so far in the game this time around?

"I think it's been so long since I've won, so I'm a little bit off the radar, which is why CBS asked me to come back," she tells THR. "They haven't asked me since, because they knew bringing a winner back, I would be targeted. Also my personality -- I don't think I come across as a threat to the end, when everybody realizes, 'She might not have been a physical threat, but she played a good social game.' "

Did Laura Morett really think Tina would let her win the final Redemption Island duel?

She didn't expect Tina to throw the game. "Absolutely not. Tina is a warrior, but I had to throw it out there because … I had surgery to replace my Achilles, so I only had one option to do it on. So I had that doubt in my mind when I saw the challenge and I thought, 'Oh crap, it's balancing, and I can't balance.' It's sad to say but all I needed was that little doubt, and I knew going into that challenge, I thought, 'I don't think I'm walking out of this one.' I never had that doubt going into any other challenge. I just thought, 'I'll throw out everything I got right now. 'I helped you with that one challenge; my daughter is still out here; come on, Tina!' "

Did Monica Culpepper ever seriously consider flipping on alliance mates Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson?

I never thought about switching because had I switched with Hayden and Ciera during that vote, I was next to go. I was No. 4 with them; whoever was coming out of Redemption Island was going to be No. 3 and I was 4. I never had a chance to win it. You have to be in the final three to win it. … I knew I had to drag those gangers [Tyson and Gervase] to the end and hope everyone on the jury was mad enough at them that they'd throw votes my way. And thank you, Vytas [Baskauskas]; he gave me a vote, and I got second place. I'm elated."

Does Ciera Eastin have any regrets about the rock draw?

"The rock draw was an easy vote for me to write down Monica's name just because I learned at that moment I was [No.] 4," she tells THR. "And I thought, 'I cannot draw rocks and be voted out at 4 and wish I would have done something along the way, or I can write my vote and there's no turning back. If I write down Monica's name right now, they're either going to draw rocks or they're going to throw the vote my way.' There was no going back. It was an intense moment, and I don't regret it."

Does Gervase regret his overly enthusiastic celebration at the challenge early in the game that led to his niece, Marissa, getting voted out?

Not at all," he says. "With that, that was just raw emotion. I thought we had lost that challenge, that it was probably because of me, and we end up winning. The emotions just came out. If you watch the episode, as soon as we won, Tyson runs up and puts his arms around me and points and says, 'Yeah, you lost!' But nobody remembers that. We also thought we needed the loved ones in the game toward the end to win, but it turned out having the loved ones still in the game was a crutch, so having Marissa out early helped me to make it to the end.

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What did Hayden Moss make of girlfriend Kat Edorsson's comments that she let him down by not making it to the merge?

"That's silly," he tells THR. "Kat and I have a really good relationship, and we have a great time. I was a little bit surprised, but she's a funny girl, and you never know what she's going to say, ever."

How did Gervase become such a good swimmer during the course of the season?

The simple answer is, he was faking. "We had to take a swim test before the show. … [During the challenge], I remembered that everyone knew from season one that I couldn’t' swim, so I figured I'd play that up. I knew if they thought I was a threat on the land and the water I was going to be a target. … So when we did that challenge, after the first swim to the net, I was so tired, I thought, 'You know, I'm just going to play it up. If we lose, it's no big deal.' I didn't think I was going home if we lost; I had a strong alliance. It was all part of the plan."