'Survivor: Caramoan': Andrea Boehlke on Her Big Blindside

Survivor: Caramoan - Andrea Boehlke - P 2013
Courtesy of CBS

Returning Survivor player Andrea Boehlke was blindsided in the last tribal council.

Andrea, who appeared to be in control of her alliance and the mastermind of this season's gameplay, was taken out by her allies after proving herself to be a big threat in the game.

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While Andrea was in possession of the hidden immunity idol, she chose not to play it since she under the impression that tribemate Brenda Lowe was the one being voted out that night.

Andrea, a 23-year-old entertainment host and writer from New York, talks to The Hollywood Reporter about what went down at tribal council.

THR: I take it you had no idea you were the one being targeted? Otherwise, I'm assuming if you had any idea you would have played the idol?

Andrea: It's funny because I was pretty paranoid the entire season and was often the target at Tribal Council. But of course the one day I finally feel calm, those guys strike! I think I was so focused on the blindside that I had set up that I didn't pick up on the cues. 

THR: Why did Erik immediately hand over the hidden idol to you once he found it? Was there some sort of deal you all made that we didn't see?

Andrea: I think since I shared the clue with my alliance to try to avoid seeming sketchy, he decided it was rightfully my idol. Now I'm almost wishing he would have kept it -- the idol was the kiss of death in this game it seems! 

THR: Apart from playing the hidden idol at tribal council, what do you wish you had done differently your second time around?

Andrea: I guess I could have took a chill pill in the strategy sessions. I was always the one speaking up and plotting, usually planning things too early. I think I wanted to come in and actually play this time, not follow like I did in my first season-- so I might have been a little too aggressive. I also should have stayed away from the boys! They always get me in trouble!

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THR: Phillip talked a lot about the "Boston Rob rules." Obviously, you played with him your first time too. What is the biggest thing you learned from him that you were able to use this time around?

Andrea: Ha! Well I would like to say that I should never feel safe, but clearly history repeated itself. I did learn that it is important to always be thinking ahead and never be afraid to switch something last minute. We switched the vote from Sherri to Corinne within maybe 40 minutes before tribal council, and it was a game changer. She and Malcolm would have taken us out one by one, but we sniffed it out. Well, Dawn sniffed it out, and then Cochran and I put the plan in motion. 

THR: Would you go back on Survivor a third time if asked?

Andrea: Probably not. Unless they paid me upfront! I had so much fun this season and I think playing another season would be a mistake. I would probably get voted out early since people see me as a strategic player, and then I would just be mad at myself for playing again. I had my Survivor fix.