'Survivor: Caramoan': Fan Matt on His Biggest Regret and Brandon's Meltdown

Matt Bischoff - Survivor: Caramoan - 2013
Courtesy of CBS

The fans just can't catch a break.

Even after a tribe shake-up on Wednesday night's Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites, another fan was voted out at tribal council.

Longtime viewer Matt Bischoff -- a 38-year-old from Cincinnati who works in BMX bike sales -- got voted out by the favorites alliance after he was deemed too big a threat because of his close alliance with Michael Snow.

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On Thursday, he talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what he wishes he'd done differently and what he really thinks about Brandon Hantz's meltdown and Phillip Shepherd's "Stealth R Us" nicknames.

THR: Did you know you were the one being voted out before going to tribal?

Matt: No, I would say I knew it was either Michael or myself or Julia. I was hoping it was Julia, and thinking that, but in the back of my mind, I was really nervous going into tribal that it would be me. It was a shock. The first time I saw my name pop up, I knew at that point I was going home. It was a devastating feeling. I'm a huge fan of the show and played such a great game, and going home sucked.

THR: Is there anything you wish you'd done differently?

Matt: I played the different scenarios through my head, but I really don't regret my game play. I felt like I was playing a great strategic game. Michael and I had a great bond and alliance; Sherri as well. Then the tribe shake-up happened, and my strategy going into that was to get people to trust me. I was completely honest with them. I was hoping to get their trust and use that to my advantage. In the end, maybe I was too honest. But that was my strategy at the time. I knew that the four [favorites] would stick together no matter what. We were at the bottom of the totem pole.

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THR: Do you wish you'd not been so convincing in telling them you didn't have the hidden immunity idol?

Matt: One thing I could have done differently is not been so blatantly honest that Michael and I were working together, and maybe lied and bring out some fake little idol. But that's not really me. And at the time, I was doing what I thought would best further me in the game. I had a really strong bond with Dawn, especially; our hearts and souls are really similar. I had her on my side, I thought, and I had a great relationship with Phillip, and with Corinne, but she definitely loved playing with a gay person [as she said multiple times in Wednesday's episode]. Mike was "her gay" this season, so maybe I could have pretended to be gay and she would have wanted to keep two gays and gotten rid of Julia.

THR: If there hadn't been a tribe shake-up, do you think you would have gone farther in the game?

Matt: Yeah. I truly am not trying to be cocky at all, but I definitely felt the way the game was going and the relationships I had with everyone, I felt like I could have gone deep into the game. It just very unfortunate that the tribe swap led to the end of the game for me.

THR: We didn't really get to see the fans discussing Brandon Hantz's meltdown afterward as much as we did the favorites. What was going through your mind while that was happening?

Matt: As a huge fan of Survivor, I've seen every single episode ever, and that was the most crazy thing I've ever witnessed. Literally, being a part of it, it was history in the making. It was completely insane. I was psyched; we were getting intel on the other tribe. Someone was going crazy and they were basically forfeiting the challenge and handing us immunity. I don't give a crap how we win immunity; if the other tribe freaks out, bring it on, as long as I get further in the game. It's a hard game on you mentally, and it's hard to see someone break down like that.

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THR: You also got to play with Phillip for a few days. What are your thoughts on him?

Matt: He is hilarious, man. I think Phillip is pure comedy. When he was trying to get Michael and myself into his "Stealth R Us," I was listening to him, and in my brain, I was thinking, "This is hilarious." I like Phillip; he's a cool guy and a good guy and funny and kind of out there. I had fun with it. It was fun going along with his little antics and laughing about it.

Survivor airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS.