'Survivor: Caramoan' Finale: 6 Burning Questions Answered

Jeff Probst Survivor:Caramoan - P 2013

Jeff Probst Survivor:Caramoan - P 2013

As Survivor viewers saw, John Cochran won the $1 million prize on Sunday night's live finale.

The returning player, a 25-year-old Harvard law student who lives in Washington, D.C., beat out Dawn Meehan and Sherri Biethman to take the win.

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After the episode aired, there were still some burning questions about the finale. The Hollywood Reporter breaks some of them down.

1. Did Cochran receive all eight jury votes?

Yes. And, as he told THR, "nobody cast a single vote against me the entire game, which is only the second time in Survivor history that's happened. J.T. [Thomas of Survivor: Tocantins] had the same thing."

2. What actually happened to make Erik Reichenbach so sick?

Reichenbach, who was medically evacuated from the game, says he started feeling extremely ill and "out of it" at the tribal council where Brenda Lowe was voted out, so much so that he thought Biethman had actually been voted out. "I was very confused and disoriented," he tells THR. He had sustained a leg injury earlier in the season that became infected. He says that at his final tribal council, he knew he was going to have to leave the game but wanted to hang on so that he could finish in fifth place and not sixth. The incident shown at the top of the episode happened literally only moments after tribal.

3. Does Eddie Fox really think he could have won if he'd been in the final three?

"I think it would have been significantly close," he tells THR. "I don't know if I would have won but I definitely would have gotten voted. I don't think Cochran would have swept it if I was there."

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4. Why was Biethman so confident she could win?

"At the beginning of the game, I was running it," she says. "It was my game until Shamar [Thomas] got hurt. That's where my game fell apart. I was still going strong strategically, but I had to work my way through the alliances." She says there's a lot that viewers didn't see, including her pact with Meehan. "From the day we hit the beach, within 20 minutes I had an alliance with Dawn that we were going to the end."

5. What was going through Meehan's mind when Lowe asked her to take her teeth out at tribal council?

Meehan tells THR that she wasn't able to watch that on Sunday night -- and isn't likely to. "I just decided for myself I lived it, and it was so hard," she says. Meehan adds that she wasn't sure what was the right thing to do in the moment, but ultimately decided to give in the Lowe's request.  "The first few questions I got hit hard ,and I remember looking at Cochran and saying, 'I regret ever playing.' I wasn't going to betray her, but as game went on and there were fewer players, it got more complicated. I feel like I was in a corner. … She was gracious to accept my apology."

6. Where can I get a copy of "Boston Rob" Mariano's book?

It's actually available for purchase, either in paperback or download, on BostonRob.com. Mariano tells THR he had been thinking about writing the book for a while, but he only really began putting it together after seeing Phillip Sheppard constantly quote his "B.R. Rules" this season. "I said, you know what? I've been involved with Survivor for so long, let me put some of this on paper and see how it goes." So what's in the book? "It's strategy I use to live my life every day. It's certainly applicable to Survivor, but you can use it in a bunch of different scenarios as well." As for Sheppard, Mariano says he didn't know the veteran was going to quote him so much this season. "I thought, here's a guy that actually paid attention. His first season, he learned something and actually knows the rules. … It's one thing to know them and another to put them into action. He struggled with that, but he tried."