'Survivor: Caramoan': Hope on Being Voted Out, What Really Happened With Shamar

Hope Driskill Survivor - P 2013

Another fan has fallen.

Hope Driskill, a 23-year-old pre-law student from Jefferson City, Mo., was voted out on the most recent episode of Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites.

While she had an alliance with Reynold and Eddie, it appeared at one point that the polarizing Shamar was trying to hint that she should vote against them and she would be saved. However, she relayed a different version of that conversation at tribal council. After a tie between herself, Shamar and Eddie, Hope got the boot in the second round of voting.

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On the heels of Wednesday's episode, Hope answered some questions from The Hollywood Reporter about what really happened during her conversation with Shamar and why she chose to stick with her alliance despite their being down in numbers.

The Hollywood Reporter: Were you surprised it was you voted out?

Hope Driskill: Going into tribal council I was concerned that I could potentially be voted out; however, I was very optimistic and hopeful that Laura and Julia would vote how they said they would and we could finally get Shamar out. ??

THR: You and Shamar had much different versions about your conversation in the water. From what it sounded like, he did say that you were not 99 percent in the hole, yet at tribal council you said he told you that you were 99 percent going home. What actually happened there? 

Hope: From our conversation in the water, I translated what Shamar said as they were trying to flush the idol and split the votes between Eddie and I. My strategy in going back to the tribe and telling the rest of his alliance my plan was to plant in their minds that not only is Shamar making camp miserable but he is also untrustworthy and should be sent home -- like he seemingly wanted to be. This was in attempt to make the other alliance paranoid and hopefully vote with us in the end. ?

THR: From what we saw, it seemed like Shamar was actually trying to save you by hinting that you should vote for Eddie. Do you think that's accurate, and if so, when did you realize this?

Hope: I realized immediately what Shamar was telling me -- essentially going behind his alliance's back and telling me their plan of splitting the vote and trying to flush the idol. However, in that moment, the camp was in complete panic and paranoia -- and I honestly wasn't sure if I could trust Shamar. I decided to remain loyal to my alliance and hope that Laura and Julia would vote our way like they said they would. 

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THR: What are your thoughts on Shamar? Is he being portrayed accurately?

I don't know real-life Shamar, all that I know is Survivor Shamar. His strategy was to make camp life miserable and that's what he did. ?

THR: What would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over again?

Honestly, I wouldn't do anything different. I stuck with my strategy of aligning with strong players in attempts to help lead our tribe to win challenges. My alliance did everything it could to stay alive, and unfortunately Matt (our secret weapon) didn't end up siding with us in the beginning like we thought. I later ended up trying to play Shamar and turn his own alliance against him rather than turning on my own. I am a loyal person, and that's how I played the game. In the end I didn't have the numbers, but I'm proud of how I played the game. ?

THR: Would you go back and play again if asked?

Hope: I would definitely play again. I went home way too soon!?