'Survivor: Caramoan': Julia on What Went Down With Phillip and Her Tribemate's Insults

The race-car driver from California talks to THR about being voted out, why the fans are doing so poorly and her lack of screen time.
Monty Brinton/CBS
Julia Landauer

The favorites continue to dominate, even after last week's tribe shake-up.

Fan Julia Landauer, 21, a race-car driver from Stanford, Calif., was voted off in Wednesday night's episode of Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites. For those not keeping count, that leaves four fans and eight favorites heading into what appears to be a merge in next week's episode.

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While Landauer didn't get a great deal of screen time, she did have plenty to say Thursday in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her fellow tribemates, including Phillip Sheppard, and her time on the island.

THR: Were you surprised you were voted out?

Landauer: Sadly, I was not surprised. I knew after Matt was voted out that it would be me or Michael, and I got a lot of vibes that it would be me. It was an awful position to be in. I was trying to make a big move. Everybody was getting frustrated with Phillip. Before I approached Dawn, I thought, who would be the best person? Everybody was over Phillip, but Cochran was under his wing, and Corinne was not going to flip on her alliance. Dawn was the best choice of a group of not-so-good choices. It didn't work. But I would go back and do the same thing again, given the position I was in.

THR: Why do you think the fans are faring so poorly?

Landauer: The fans did absolutely terrible in the last fans vs. favorites. It's not a fair battle. They know what shows to bring to the challenges, how to play dehydrated, how to ration the food. They have so much more experience than we do, and it was very close in every challenge. But when I realized it was a fans vs. favorites, I was disappointed because I had watched the fans getting totally obliterated the last time.

THR: Phillip claims you betrayed him by revealing your conversation with him to Dawn. What's your take on the situation?

Landauer: He said, "Don't tell anyone," but he was not doing anything to make me feel like I was actually comfortable. I was, in his words, "the girl." Maybe he thought I was easily swingable, but I didn't feel like he would actually keep to his word. None of his actions implied that he would actually take me under his wing, if you will. I was in trouble at that point, I had to do as much as I could and make a move.

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THR: Do you think he really threw the challenge, as he told Cochran?

Landauer: Oh, I don't think he did. When someone is in the zone like that, you can tell from their body language and eyes if they are totally in the zone and trying to win, like he was. He was totally trying, but he might not be as fit as he thinks he is. Clearly, he's a lot of talk, and everyone was frustrated with it at that point, so why not get rid of him?

THR: Why didn’t they?

Landauer: I think they wanted to keep the alliance intact. It would look bad when you go back to the other tribe (at the merge). At the same time, it could have given other people power.

THR: Corinne and Cochran said some harsh things about you in the past two episodes.

Landauer: If that was the worst Corinne has for me, I'm probably going to survive. She picks on people, and she's a bully, too. I was surprised at Cochran's monologue about [me being] "vanilla," especially because he doesn't have a particularly engaging, strong presence besides being a super-geeky Survivor fan. People choose to see what they want, and I was so much younger than everyone. I probably made mistakes in my social game. But I've got tough skin, and I got to make fun of myself on Twitter the whole season. I have great supporters who have been joking with me about my lack of screen time.