'Survivor: Caramoan': Reynold Toepfer Reveals His Biggest Regret

The latest castaway to be voted out of CBS' reality competition also tells THR why he wouldn't play the game again.
Courtesy of CBS
Reynold Toepfer

Survivor competitor Reynold Toepfer had been on the outs since the first few days of the game, but he managed to avoid being voted out until day 31.

One of the self-dubbed "Three Amigos" alliance -- his other allies were previously eliminated Malcolm Freberg and still-in-the-game Eddie Fox -- Reynold never really had the numbers on his side, and he ultimately became the fifth member of the jury.

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After his eliminated episode aired, the 30-year-old real estate saleman from San Francisco reflected on his time in the game with The Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Was there any part of you still holding out hope that you would be spared another tribal council?  

Reynold: I knew I was toast; they were going to capitalize on me losing personal immunity. However, by this point in the game I honestly felt I would have been as happy with Eddie winning as I would for myself, so I felt some victory in falling on the sword before him. I really feel that one more vote was all that one of us needed to be reintroduced into the strategy of the remaining majority players. 

THR: You said you thought you were capable of winning five immunity challenges in a row at the beginning of the episode. Do you regret making that statement, and do you think that was part of the reason they targeted you over Eddie?  

Reynold: Ha ha! That was a joke, and I started laughing with everybody after that. However, I do think some of them thought that I was at minimum a huge challenge threat. At that point, I did anything that I could to mess with people's heads because I knew it would literally take personal immunity to the final three for me to get there.  

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THR:  Is there anything you regret or wish you'd done differently overall while on Survivor?

Reynold: I regret the perception of the "cool kids alliance" from my fellow fan tribe, and the impression that was portrayed on TV. I really in no way felt exclusive to anyone, and I was always the champion for fans vs. favorites. I truly wanted a strong, united fan tribe that would have the majority in a merge and thus give us all a chance at actually winning. I regret that my efforts to unite us did not come off as genuine; they really were. 

THR: Would you play again if asked?  

Reynold: Not right now. I recently got married, my wife has an amazing 4-year-old son named Jacob, I have a wonderful job, so I could not be happier about my life. Survivor was an incredible, shaping, empowering experience, but I don't feel any need to play again right now or leave my family for 45 days.  

Survivor airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS.