'Survivor': David Wright Pitches Fake 'Edge of Extinction' Twist

The season 33 veteran calls his shot on an outside-the-box move.
Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment

Survivor fan-favorite castaway David Wright knows a thing or two about calling his shots.

Heading into his first season, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, the Hollywood-based television writer and longtime Survivor super fan planned on crafting a fake immunity idol, hiding it for one of his rivals to find, and watching the chaos unfold. Consider the plan well and thoroughly executed, as the item David created was not only one of the most convincing false idols in franchise history, but led to the elimination of a key threat at the exact right time. Now, as David launches into his second Fijian adventure for Survivor: Edge of Extinction, he's hoping history will repeat itself, albeit with an unprecedented twist.

"I want to call my shot again," he told The Hollywood Reporter on location in Fiji, days before filming on the season began. "We'll see if this actually happens, but I want to create — and I don't think this has even happened before, correct me if I'm wrong — a fake advantage. I want to be the first to do that."

Throughout the CBS reality competition series' nearly two decades on television, several castaways have attempted to construct fake hidden immunity idols to trick their competitors; some have been more successful than others, including David, very high on the list. As he notes, however, no one has attempted to create and deploy a fake advantage. Survivor currently exists in an era filled with many idols and other forms of advantage circulating throughout the game, including but not limited to players finding second votes, steal-a-votes, idol nullifiers, and idols that can only be played at specific moments in the game. For his new, nefarious plot, David wants to introduce a plausible sounding advantage, except it's anything but legitimate. 

"We call it the 'Sole Vote' advantage," David says, giving credit to his girlfriend for helping hatch the plot. In advance of crafting the plan, he has come up with a pre-written set of rules a player would find when they discover this false advantage, sketched out in penmanship even the Survivor forgery team would have a hard time discerning. It reads: "Congratulations. You have found the Sole Vote Advantage. This allows you to cancel voting at Tribal Council and send home any person of your choosing. If you intend to use this advantage, you must reveal it at Tribal Council and announce who you are sending home before any votes are cast."

"I'm hoping it will create a rift between two people," David explains. "They can have their war, and I'll just be on the sidelines, like Littlefinger from Game of Thrones. I want to make some things happen that leave me safer than maybe I would be otherwise."

Hear more about David's plan in The Hollywood Reporter's preseason Survivor podcast, First One Out:

In terms of how best to create and hide the "Sole Vote Advantage," David has a few ideas: "It would be [made from] some kind of parchment or some kind of burlap from a rice bag. I would go off in the woods at night, paint it as best as I can, make it look good, get the centered font… and then I'd roll it up with some beads around it, and hide it either in the treemail hut, or maybe it would be fun if I'm on a reward with some other people and I can hide it surreptitiously in one of the bowls so someone can find it. I've also thought about tying it under the shelter, the way they've done with idols. Who knows? I'll have to figure it out while I'm out there."

Will David's fake advantage find its way into the season? That depends on a few factors, including the big one: David needing to survive long enough to implement the scheme. Of course, even if he's voted out early, David may wind up with a shot of reentering the game, thanks to the titular Edge of Extinction twist, of which he and the rest of his competitors are completely unaware heading into the season. With that said, when David Wright plants his flag on a long con, it's wise to listen to the man, considering how things turned out a few years back, when he made his fake immunity idol pitch long before executing the move. As he himself readily admits, David's first Survivor experience was marked by an arc of self-consciousness to self-confidence. Heading into Edge of Extinction, David predicts a different kind of transformation.

"It's like The Dark Knight, where they say, 'You die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,' and I wonder if that's where I'm heading this season," he says. "It's kind of the Heisenberg thing, where you lose the morality that you had, and you turn into this monster. You enjoy it, but you're a monster."

The fake advantage idea is certainly one that Bryan Cranston's infamous antihero would appreciate, if he were a Survivor fan — and for what it's worth, David walks into Edge of Extinction with the bald head and full beard to match Cranston's Walter White aesthetic.

"I know," David says with a big laugh, acknowledging his own turn toward Breaking Bad. "All I need is the black hat, and I'm there."

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