'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Tribe Swap Ends in Emotional Vote Out

Survivor-Publicity Still 2-H 2019
Robert Voets/CBS

[This story contains spoilers for the fourth week of CBS' Survivor: Edge of Extinction.]

Even a tribe swap couldn't stop the train-wreck known as the Manu tribe.

In the latest hour of CBS' Survivor: Edge of Extinction, the Manu and Kama tribes were shuffled and split into three new groups — though the newness of the groups is up for some debate. In a surprising turn of events, the three tribes ended up mostly sticking to their original formats, thanks to the results of a random draw. The new tribes include:

• New Kama, consisting of the old Kama lineup of Joe Anglim, Aurora McCreary, Julia Carter, Julie Rosenberg and Ron Clark;

• New Manu, consisting of the remaining Kama players Aubry Bracco, Eric Hafemann, Gavin Whitson and Victoria Baamonde, as well as Manu holdover Wendy Diaz;

• And Lesu, the new green-buffed group featuring five original Manu members: Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, Dan "The Wardog" DaSilva, Lauren O'Connell and Rick Devens.

It was a continued stroke of good fortune for the old Kama crew, and slightly less so for the ones stranded on Manu, thanks to their new affiliation with Wendy, who made good on her threat to free the chickens this week. Barring something unforeseen, Wendy looks to be the likely target over at the new Manu, should they end up at Tribal Council. (For his part, Joey Amazing is in a bit of trouble if the current Kama ends up at Tribal; it's an unlikely outcome, due to his legendary challenge prowess.)

Both Kama and Manu evaded Tribal Council this week, however, as the bad vibes continued to follow the former blue-buffed players now slumming it at Lesu. The result: an emotional Tribal Council where all five players reiterated their respect for one another, heartbroken to see any one of them go home — and the one sent packing was none other than newscaster Rick Devens, a development that left David Wright shocked and adrift without his closest ally in the game.

"Devens was [cast on the season] almost unanimously within three minutes, maybe two minutes, maybe 30 seconds of walking in," executive producer and host Jeff Probst told The Hollywood Reporter about the news anchor, before the season began. "He just is everything you want in a Survivor player, in that he's relatable, very relatable, self-deprecating, a great storyteller, as evidenced by his career, and a very smart player. Devens is a legit threat to win this game. And what he has going for him is he doesn't have some of the flash and the sparkle that Joe or Gavin would in terms of [physicality]. He could lay back and go, 'Hey, man. I'm just Rick Devens, doing my thing.' Meanwhile, he's doing his thing all the way to the final three."

Even after snuffing Devens' torch, Probst's prediction may still yet come to pass, thanks to the central twist of the season: the Edge of Extinction. At the episode's conclusion, Devens grabbed his new torch and journeyed off into the night, ready to reunite with the island's current three inhabitants: Reem Daly, Keith Sowell and Chris Underwood — all three of them stranded thanks in no small part to Rick's votes. 

What does Devens face as he meets his new "tribe mates," such as they are? Here's a preview, based on how Chris described him in the preseason: "I like [Devens]. I think it's a deadly duo when you have a personable type of player and a strategic type of player brainstorming and feeding off of each other, making light of the passing days. I would be upset if he stabbed me in the back, just based on first impressions. I think we could work well together. But you can only work well together for so long. Certain people, you just have to trust — and he seems like someone I can trust."

We'll see if that trust can be rebuilt after a few days together on the Edge of Extinction. For now, listen to Rick's own words in our preseason interview, playable below.

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