'Survivor: Ghost Island' Player Profile: Meet Chris Noble

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Welcome to the Survivor: Ghost Island preseason! THR's Josh Wigler reports from his visit to the show's shooting location on Fiji, where he interviewed host Jeff Probst, as well as the 20 new castaways battling it out for the million-dollar prize.

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A 27-year-old male model originally from Florida and currently living in New York, Chris Noble stands out as one of the most physically imposing members of the cast. In his interview with THR, Chris identifies himself as a new fan of Survivor, albeit one who has studied up and is excited to enhance the evolution of the game. With that said, he isn't exactly earning rave reviews from his fellow castaways in the preseason, many of whom remark upon the model's obvious self-confidence bordering on arrogance. More from them, and from Chris, in the story ahead. First, these thoughts from Probst

"Chris is a question mark for me. The reason he's a question mark is that on one hand, he's a really compelling guy. He has a big reason to come play. He has had a family situation for a long time, and he's here to play for his mom. He's a good-looking, big, strong guy. On the other hand, I can't tell if Chris is really good socially or really bad socially. That's why he's a question mark. If he ends up being the first one out, I won't be surprised. If he ends up at the final six, I'll go, 'Yeah! Not surprised!' I just don't know."

Hear more from Chris and the other players in the third episode of our preseason podcast series First One Out: Ghost Zero, and read on for highlights from our interview.

The former Survivor players Chris feels he'll emulate:

"I'm many personalities. For me, it's not like there's one true Survivor that I idolize. I love a lot of them. I love Tony because of his antics. You see that New Jersey-ness of him, and he's a cop if I'm not mistaken. I love his personality and his antics. I'm going to have some of that, too, man. I'm going to make camping huts up in the tree — spy bunkers, spy shacks… I think that's awesome. I love Michaela and her fire. I have that fire. I know exactly where that fire comes from. I also love the Joes, the Malcolms and the Ozzies. They provide and they're challenge beasts. I'm going to go out there spearfishing like Ozzy and Joe and whatnot, providing. They were all great at challenges. Some of them have some charm and good game play. I would like to be a little bit of everybody. I'm my own self. It's fair, considering everything I've been through. I have qualities of everybody within me. That's who I am, and that's what I'm going to bring, so that one day people will say, 'I want to be like Noble.'"

Chris' first day in the game, if everything goes perfectly:

"The first day is the craziest day of them all. We're all in new territory. For someone like me who's an adrenaline junkie and loves to take risks… I feel fear, just like everyone else, but I love to push through that fear. To be out here and have this opportunity with all of these unknowns? It's exciting as hell. That first day is a success. The game has finally started. I'm hyped up. Hopefully, I didn't blow it all out in one day. That wouldn't be fun for anyone or fun for me either. It would be an exciting and thrilling day, knowing there's so much more adventure and challenges to come."

Chris' ethical philosophy on Survivor:

"Survivor is just a game, a great game, at that. The best in the world. But there are lines I won't cross. Someone like me gets very competitive, like a lot of us are. If you're not competitive, you probably shouldn't be out here. I get there are other reasons why people come out here, and that's great. But I'm a competitor. Sometimes, when you get competitive, you don't know what the hell has happened. You get tunnel vision. At the same time, it's no excuse for crossing boundaries. At the end of the day, there are moral ethics and whatnot you should not cross. You shouldn't say anything that is homophobic, you shouldn't say anything that is racist, you shouldn't say anything to bring people down. I get it: There's a manipulation. When someone is weak and you want them to be a little bit weaker, OK, there are ways to do it, but you don't have to attack them. Those are some ethics and boundaries I won't cross. Sometimes you get so competitive that you don't even know what you're doing, but I've told myself going into this, in my mind, that no matter what, these are boundaries that should never be crossed. Period."

How Chris views the art of the blindside:

"I'm going to blindside somebody. I don't know who. Time will tell. It's not like I would do this in real life, but it's a game. I'm a loyal and trustworthy person, and people see that in me. I will use that to my advantage, and when the time's right, I'll do it. I'm not going to walk around like Russell Hantz. He made it to the final three and he played it. He didn't win because he pissed off too many people on the jury. But let's be real, the jury's a little different now. Frankly, he did outwit. Maybe he didn't necessarily outplay, but he did outlast. He's there at the end. So at the end of the day, I'm not going to do that — but there will be opportune moments where I'll have to change character a little bit. That's cool. That's part of the game."

That's Chris in his own words. But what do the other castaways think about him? Over the course of our interviews on Fiji, the Ghost Island castmembers were presented with pictures of their competitors and asked to establish their preseason thoughts. With that said, here's what they think about Chris.

Laurel Johnson (Financial Consultant, Malolo Tribe): "This guy cracks me up. (Laughs.) He's perfectly tanned, a model-type body. He knows he looks good. He's the cocky and confident type of guy."

Desiree Afuye (Student, Naviti Tribe): "Oh, God. He's just the jock who loves himself. He looks at himself in the mirror for a few minutes before he gets dressed."

Brendan Shapiro (Physical Education Teacher, Malolo Tribe): "He looks like the all-American quarterback. I suspect he's some kind of big-time jock. If I had to guess, he might be one of the players out here who is more of a casual fan. I could be wrong, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say he hasn't been watching maybe as long as some of us."

Morgan Ricke (Marine Animal Trainer, Naviti Tribe): "I feel like he's an ex-football player who now works for a men's magazine. He seems super cocky and super full of himself, thinks the camera loves him and everyone loves him. He rubs me the wrong way."

Bradley Kleihege (Law Student, Naviti Tribe): "I think he's a football player. I don't know if that's true, but there's often one athlete in the bunch, and if I had to pick, it would be him. I don't really want to work with him, but he keeps sitting beside me at meals. I wouldn't turn him away, but I won't expend too much effort unless I have to."

Libby Vincek (Social Media Strategist, Malolo Tribe): "Ah, Ken, poor guy. I feel bad, because Ken [from Millennials vs. Gen X] hated being called 'Ken' as in 'Ken and Barbie,' but this dude would totally love it. I feel like I would be like, 'Dude, you're hot,' and he'd be like, 'Yeah, I know!' He jumps in line to eat first or sit in front of us… Dude, you're 6-foot-everything, why don't you sit behind us?"

Stephanie Gonzalez (Graphic Sales, Malolo Tribe): "Waxed chest. Extremely cocky. He puts on his little lotion. He tans on one side for four minutes and four minutes on the other. He thinks he's hot shit and everybody looks at him like, 'Oh, God, get away from me.'"

Michael Yerger (Real Estate Agent, Malolo Tribe): "He's another athletic player. I think he'll be good competition in challenges. He's the pretty guy on the show. He comes across a little dopey and maybe a little dumb."

Wendell Holland (Furniture Company Owner, Naviti Tribe): "This guy came out to the island and didn't bring any flip-flops. He told one of the producers, in front of me, today: 'I didn't bring out any flip-flops.' Is this guy serious? Is he playing the game or is he an idiot?"

Domenick Abbate (Construction Supervisor, Naviti Tribe): "First of all, that guy does not own a shirt. I have not seen him wearing a shirt for the seven days I've been out here. My issue with him is I don't know if I'm perceiving him as arrogant, confident or scared. But I'm going with arrogant."

Kellyn Bechtold (Career Counselor, Naviti Tribe): "At Ponderosa, people are reading books and all of that stuff, and he's usually not doing much — but he shocked me once. He was reading The Four Agreements, and I was like, 'What? That's a spiritual book that me and my yoga girlfriends read and talk about!' I was like, 'Who gave him that book?' I can't wait to find out. I will bet the million dollars I'm going to win that he didn't buy it himself."

Stephanie Johnson (Yoga Instructor, Malolo Tribe): "He is too hot for his own good. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. I think he's cocky and he's going to try to run the show. But I can play to his ego. 'Oh, you're so cute! Look at you building the shelter, you're so strong!' I can play to his ego. But I want him out."

Chelsea Townsend (Cheerleader and EMT, Naviti Tribe): "He's tall and muscular. Another threat in the physical challenges. He seems very confident. I don't know just how confident yet, but he carries himself like a macho man. He seems very sure of himself."

James Lim (Business Analyst, Malolo Tribe): "He stands out, just because of the size. He's very fit. I hope to use him as a meat shield if the opportunity arises. This is my guess: He has a big ego, so I'll help fuel that. 'You do you. Go be our leader.'"

Donathan Hurley (Caretaker, Malolo Tribe): "He's a supermodel. Very attractive. He'll be a meat shield for me, if I can work him. There's plenty of meat out here I can use, and he's the biggest meat that's here."

Jacob Derwin (Music Teacher, Malolo Tribe): "I don't think he's going to be known for his smarts. I apologize to you in the future, sir, for saying this. I want him on my team! I want him to pull all the weight! I want him to win challenges so I'm not in trouble! That said, he's the one who's going to go around saying, 'We need strong people.' And I'm going to go around being like, 'Ah!' We'll see what happens with him."

Sebastian Noel (Fishing Guide, Naviti Tribe): "He's probably going to be one of my better friends, just from the eye contact and the body shape, and the way we've dressed so far. I can tell we have a lot of similarities."

Jenna Bowman (Advertising Account Executive, Malolo Tribe): "He's good to look at. I think he's going to be someone who surprises me. I think underneath he might be a little different [than expected]. He looks like the douche-bag jock, but I feel like he might be a little bit different."

Angela Perkins (Army Veteran, Naviti Tribe): "He's obviously young and good looking, but a little bit arrogant. He's in it for the win. I don't know if that's going to be a hindrance. His eyes are on the prize. But there are so many steps to getting to that place. I think he might fall because he's looking up when he should be looking down."

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