'Survivor: Ghost Island': Watch the First 4 Minutes (Video)

Thirty-nine days, 20 people, one survivor — and four minutes.

That's the length of time fans currently have to dwell in the universe of Survivor: Ghost Island, the 36th season of CBS' landmark reality competition series. In the opening scene, viewable here on The Hollywood Reporter (above), host and executive Jeff Probst welcomes a brand-new group of castaways to the beach, presenting them with an opportunity to wrestle with old mistakes.

In Survivor: Ghost Island, players will find themselves confronted with old relics and errors from previous Survivor seasons, now with the added chance to "reverse the curse." Did someone previously misplay an idol? That idol could be back in play this season, and could wind up in the hands of one of the new castaways. Among the players highlighted in the show's opening scene: Kellyn Bechtold, the person with the first confessional of the season, a career counselor in the midst of major life changes; Jacob Derwin, a singer-songwriter and former Survivor blogger who produces an audible reaction upon hearing the words "Ghost Island" for the first time; and Domenick Abbate, also vocal in response to the haunted theme, a construction worker from Long Island with plans to fill the game with creative mischief.

The opening minutes stop short of revealing the first challenge of the season, but speaking previously with THR, Probst revealed the details. At the marooning, both tribes will be tasked with selecting someone as their leader. The leader will then pick one athlete and one person deemed the smartest on their tribe to represent the tribe in a challenge, involving an obstacle course and a table puzzle. The winning tribe will receive a massive shelter-building kit. The losing tribe will lose their fishing gear, a crucial setback given the food situation this season.

However, there's a twist: An hourglass will be running throughout the puzzle portion of the challenge. The leader will have access to a lever, which is connected to the table puzzle. The leader can choose to pull the lever, destroy the puzzle and forfeit the challenge in order to keep their fishing gear, but can only make this decision while the hourglass is still active. If they forfeit, the winning tribe will still get the shelter building kit, as well as an added bonus: flint for fire, and a healthy supply of eggs.

"For the opening, we wanted to capture this idea of how important and also how hard it is to make the right decision under pressure," Probst told THR, speaking out on location during the first three days of shooting. "We developed a very simple challenge that put all of the pressure on the person responsible for making the decisions. It wasn't so much about being a good puzzle solver or being a good runner. It's about the person in charge of the decision, and how much faith they have in you for being a good puzzle solver or good decision maker, and we kept adding stakes to it. Every time you contemplated A or B, you were risking C, D, E and F."

How will the challenge play out? Tune in to the Survivor: Ghost Island premiere Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. on CBS for the answer, and follow THR.com/Survivor for continuing coverage of the series.

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