'Survivor' Season 35's Eliminated Castaways Compete in One Last Challenge (Exclusive Video)

The first ones out from CBS' Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers have returned for a second chance — in a manner of speaking, at least.

This season, for the first time ever (certain twists notwithstanding), Survivor players eliminated in the pre-merge phase of the game were invited back for one final challenge, albeit one without a direct impact on the game. The first five players voted out of the season — Katrina Radke and Alan Ball of the Heroes tribe, Simone Nguyen and Patrick Bolton of the Hustlers tribe and Roark Luskin of the Healers tribe — united forces to test out "Air Raid," the team-based reward challenge featured in this week's all-new episode of season 35.

In the challenge, players are tasked with racing to the top of a tower, where they will fire sandbags via comically large slingshots at targets in the far distance. First team to knock down all five targets wins reward — and without revealing the actual reward, it's safe to say this: It's delicious. 

Watch Katrina, Simone, Patrick, Alan and Roark compete in one final challenge in the video above, then read on for each of their final Survivor testimonials, delivered in spite of their early exits.

Katrina Radke (Heroes Tribe): "Totally apply for the show. It's an awesome experience for yourself, as well as being able to meet people."

Simone Nguyen (Hustlers Tribe): "If you're going camping for the first time, do it on Survivor. You don't have to take any pictures for yourself."

Patrick Bolton (Hustlers Tribe): "People watching this show, definitely apply. It's one of the best adrenaline rushes and best experiences I've ever had." 

Alan Ball (Heroes Tribe): "It's one of the real-est things I've ever been a part of, by far. No fakes. This is real. Real people, real challenges, real emotion, real everything. This is real. This is real."

Roark Luskin (Healers Tribe): "No matter when you go out, it's everything you wanted it to be, and things you didn't think it could be. Highly recommend."

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