'Survivor: One World' Cast Announced (Video)

Survivor One World Cast - H 2012
Monty Brinton/CBS

Survivor One World Cast - H 2012

The 18 castaways who will compete on the 24th season of CBS’ Survivor have been announced. Not only will there be a fresh batch of contestants, but a couple of major changes will also wash ashore this season.

The biggest change of all? The tribes will have to share the same beach.

This year also marks the return of the division of tribes by sexes. The 18 castaways will be divided into two tribes of nine: the Salani Tribe (women) and the Manono Tribe (men), named after islands in Samoa.

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Tribes will have to decide whether to share their resources with each other or leave the opposing tribe to fend for themselves. This new format opens up the opportunity for members of different tribes to form alliances much earlier.

Additionally, Redemption Island has been removed from the show, bringing in more reward challenges.  

As usual, this year’s contestants run the gamut, from a doctor to a model, a teacher and a lawyer. Among the more unique contestants are a little person, a gay lawyer and an ex-NFL player’s wife.

The 24th season premieres Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS.

Read full bios of all the contestants here and watch a preview video below: