'Survivor': Parvati Shallow Breaks Down the Strategies Heading Into Final Stretch

Plus a refresher on what you may have missed from the Thanksgiving double header.
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In case over-consumption of Thanksgiving turkey put you into a week-long coma that you are just now shaking yourself out of, here are the highlights you may have missed from last week’s epic double header of Survivor Second Chance

Extreme Shelter Makeover — a Survivor first.

The weather is beating down on our contestants and people are breaking. On top of all this, Fishbach has to keep running out of their poorly built shelter to handle his "severe gastrointestinal distress." Shit’s getting real out here in Cambodia. At the immunity challenge, Jeff offers a choice: forgo competing in the challenge in exchange for a new, cozy, waterproofed shelter, built by professionals. If five people choose not to compete in the challenge, the new shelter happens. Everyone but Joe and Keith sit out of the challenge. Joe earns his fourth immunity win in a row. 

Jeremy scores big.

"It’s for Fishbach," Jeremy says as he plays his immunity idol to save his friend. Fishy has to literally scoop his mouth up off the floor, he’s so stunned. When the votes are read, everyone realizes what a killer move Jeremy just made. He saves Fishbach from a blindside and bounces the vote back to Ciera, extinguishing one of the game’s greatest threats.

Kelley Wentworth makes history as the first female to find two idols in one game.

Wentworth’s star is on the rise, and the Survivor gods are rewarding her dedication with fresh idols. She scores the clue at the night challenge. The following day, she sneaks under the shelter in broad daylight to snag the idol. The guts this girl has! I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans she’s going to pull with this newfound piece of power. 

Joe loses a challenge.

Yes, you read that correctly. Spencer edges out our handsome prince in the immunity challenge, and for the first time since the merge, Joe is vulnerable. Fishbach seizes the opportunity to strike. 

Misguided trust leads to another epic blindside.

Blinded by his desire to finally vote out Joe, Fishbach shares the details of his advantage with Spencer. Little does Fish know that Spencer has already rallied the troops to blindside Stephen. When it comes time to play his advantage, Fishbach is already walking dead — stabbed in the back by his trusted former ally. 

The level of gameplay we are witnessing on Survivor Cambodia Second Chance far surpasses anything we’ve seen in recent years. I would venture to say this season may be the toughest as far as conditions, twists and strategic gameplay is concerned and the contestants are rising to the occasion.

Here’s a look ahead at my predictions for strategic moves as we head into the home stretch. 

There are two idols in play, and both people in possession of said idols — Kelley and Jeremy — are keeping their power a secret. Jeremy is the clear frontrunner of this game. He’s physically strong and he’s made solid relationships with many people including Spencer, Kimmy, Tasha and Joe. But this game is moving quickly, and relationships aren't enough to keep people in it. Jeremy’s feeling the fire now that his closest ally and loyal confidante, Stephen was just ousted in a blindside. If people wise up to how great of a threat Jeremy is to win this game, he may have to use the idol to protect himself very soon. 

Wentworth is playing from the bottom up. She’s been outside the majority alliance for the entire post-merge game, and she’s been scrapping by on her wits and her charm. It’s time for Kelley to link up with Joe for another vote to get out Jeremy; her biggest competitive threat. Kelley has been playing a fantastic game, and from where I’m sitting, the only person who could beat her now is Jeremy. If she realizes this, she will do the necessary and convince Spencer — who’s already turned on his alliance with Jeremy by voting Fishbach out— to get rid of the next great threat. 

This may be a tall order, however, as Spencer is extremely tight with Jeremy, and feels a strong level of comfort with their alliance. Spencer will have to do some groveling to get back into Jeremy’s inner circle after what he did to Fishbach, but I think it’s easily done. Jeremy’s smart and will use Spencer for a couple of votes. He has no need to feel threatened by sitting next to Spencer in the finals, because let’s face it, Spencer’s ability to relate emotionally and compassionately isn't strong enough to win in the end. 

Keith is our sleeper cell, who just may wake up to the need to target Joe. I think Keith has what it takes to win some of these immunity challenges and prove to us all that he’s a great physical gamer, but Joe is standing in his way. If Joe loses immunity this time, I see Keith gunning for him and using Kimmy, Spencer and Abi to do it. We haven't seen much from Keith or Kimmy for that matter, but maybe, just maybe, their time is now. 

Abi is so irritated by everyone and irritating to everyone that she will soar into the finals with flying colors. If people are smart, they will keep Abi in this, and I hope they do. She’s pure Survivor TV gold and she’s no threat to win. I see Abi easily joining Keith’s cause to get rid of Joe. 

Joe cannot relax now. Just because he safely made it through the last tribal council without the immunity necklace to protect him does not mean he can drop his guard. He will continue to be target number one and will have to fight his way tooth and nail to the end. Kelley Wentworth is a formidable ally, if he can secure her. Also, now that Fishbach isn't blocking him, he could try to get in tighter with Jeremy. Meat shields to the end. 

We’ll have to wait and see how the chips will fall. Until next time!