Parvati Shallow Breaks Down 'Survivor': Stolen Trail Mix, a Failed Plea and a Big Decision

Survivor Julie McGee - P 2014
Courtesy of CBS

Parvati Shallow is a Survivor champ and three-time competitor on the show. The OG Miss Survivor and Survivor Hall of Famer now covers health and wellness for CBS News in New York City. Find her on Twitter @parvatishallow.

For a season of loved ones playing with each other, Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is really lacking heart. Everyone is so caught up in “getting the numbers” that they are missing out on what that “number” represents: a human being.

Yes, Julie McGee isn’t the warmest, most lovable player in Survivor history, but she’s still a person. The woman is vulnerable right now. She lost her boyfriend John Rocker early in the game and now that the tribes have merged, she’s finding herself feeling quite lonely without her fierce protector. This is the time for someone like Josh, who is in a precarious position to get in on the Julie McGee game. Play up how much you like her and how you understand she must be having a hard time right now. Bring her under your charming, dancing, loving wing.

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As the tribes merge now, developing close relationships is the name of the game. As everyone enjoys the merge feast and chats jovially about making it this far in the game, Julie sits quietly munching her trail mix—a clear cry for help.

But, alas, no one seems to notice Julie’s blatant despair.

Instead of focusing on the lost little lamb that is Julie McGee, Josh, is focused on swaying all the couples to join forces. Who wants to hang with a big old sad sack of trail mix thievery?

Who are we kidding? All of these people want to hang with Julie’s trail mix. And, once they rifle through her bag and find that she’s been keeping food from them, they ostracize her even more.

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OK, Josh. Now’s the time to jump on Julie! She’s even more isolated from the group and ready to be persuaded to become a power player in this game. I think.

I really do believe Julie could play well if she had a few friends that made her feel loved and included. Instead, in her darkest moment of self-pity, she takes Missy aside to get a little pep talk. Missy says all the wrong things

You’d think Missy’s motherly skills would uniquely qualify her to make Julie feel loved, but instead, Missy succeeds in pushing Julie over the edge. Missy tells Julie to stay in the game because they need her. Julie interprets this as we don’t care about you, but we need your vote in order to advance ourselves in the game. This simply will not fly. Julie wants to feel loved and now she just feels used.

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Julie decides to quit the game in order to "take care of herself." This, of course, is total baloney. And, as a Survivor player and as a fan, I’m offended by Julie’s quit. But, I’m even more upset by Missy’s lame attempt to change McGee’s mind. The level of strategy this season leaves much to be desired.

After being informed that Julie has quit the game, Jeremy, Julie’s closest ally says, “I’m upset that she left because she really messed up my plan.”

Ouch. Ain’t nobody gonna miss Miss McGee.

Bottom line: When you don’t appeal to a woman’s heart, you lose her, every time.