'Survivor: Redemption Island': Parvati Shallow’s Weekly Recap

The winner of 'Survivor: Micronesia' talks about Phil's diction, Ashley's jealousy and who will go next week. Warning: spoiler alert.

I just finished tonight’s episode of Survivor, and well, this was a fun one.

Yay! More Phil time! My favorite part of the episode was Phil doing his best Coach (see Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains) tributes. Coach was one of my favorite players of Survivor, well, not my favorite to be on the island with but definitely one of my favorites to watch. And Phil did his best to channel his inner Coach with his speeches in this episode. I loved Phil’s line: “Hell hath no fury like a gorilla or a lion who thinks he’s provoked,”…but he’s not sure if he’s actually been provoked. He just kind of maybe thinks he is, but he’s a little bit sure and also a little bit unsure - that maybe he was provoked. It’s hilarious! I just can’t wait; I’m very excited to see what kind of fury gets unleashed! That whole speech was just so good! It was such dramatic and poignant speech – I was impressed by his diction.

So that speech, along with his monologue about Rob, Grant, and himself making up “Team Stealth,” they were just too much. I was dying. He is comic relief and I will be very disappointed to see him go.

The only reason Phil is working all the time is because his ass is on the line and he knows it. I get that it gets frustrating when there are people in camp who won’t do any work, but I don’t think it was Phil’s smartest idea to go off on the girls like that at camp.  Those girls, Ashley and Natalie, already don’t like him and they already want Phil gone. Phil yelling at them to start working didn’t help out his numbers any, and that’s really what this game comes down to. And right now he doesn’t have the numbers that he thinks he does. Those girls feel safe and secure of their spots on the tribe so they’re not going to get up and start working. But that’s going to eventually come back to get them.

I think Rob said it best “No one wants to vote for a lazy ass to win the game.”

The Immunity Challenge came around and, well, Zapatera got their asses kicked. The challenge went to Ometepe – mainly Rob and Grant, hands down. So off to tribal council Zapatera went. It was between Stephanie and Sarita, and although David used his best soapbox lawyering skills during tribal council to try to convince everyone otherwise, it was Stephanie who got the boot.  It was kind of sad because Stephanie finally started playing the people game in this episode and finally started trying to make amends with some of her tribe-mates. I would have loved to see her go on…but it was too little too late. 

She’s scrappy in challenges. She can give Matt a run for his money over at Redemption Island. But then again, maybe not. Matt now has that bible that Krista gave him before she was eliminated from the island...that’s going to feed his soul for the rest of the game and probably make him do better than he’s been doing. But I’m excited; I think next episode’s matchup between them might be exciting.

I think we saw a little jealousy coming out of Andrea because her boyfriend is on Redemption Island, canoodling in the dark with another cute little blonde – who knows what they were doing in the dark? They could’ve been making out, they could’ve been braiding each other’s long blonde locks, or reading the gospels to each other or whatever. That was probably a hard blow for Andrea to take seeing Matt and Krista being friendly and then Krista giving him that bible. Andrea’s been holding on to hope that Matt would make it back but now she’s jealous and scorned. So now I don’t think Andrea is 100% on “Team Matt” as she would have been before.

I can’t wait to see this play out, if it does.

As for my predictions for next week? Well, if Zapatera loses (for the third time in a row) I think Sarita will be getting the axe. She is just dead weight at this point. She’s trying too hard to be nice; and nice doesn’t really get you far in the game of Survivor. You can only be loyal until the point where you are considered the weakest link and then you’re cut. It’s not a good strategy, she’s not going to make her way through the game on it, and she’s going to be the next one to go. On Ometepe, I don’t want to see Phillip go because then it’s just “The Rob Show” – and I’ve seen enough of him. I’m going with Ashley, she’s really just not pulling her weight and I can see that finally catching up to her.