'Survivor: Redemption Island': Parvati Shallow’s Finale Recap

The winner of “Survivor: Micronesia” shares her thoughts on Rob Mariano winning the latest installment of the CBS show.

Parvati Shallow, winner of Survivor: Micronesia and veteran of two other Survivor competitions, gives THR her view of the Survivor: Redemption Island finale.

Big laughs, a few tears, some fist-pumps, a handshake and a proposal -- what a whirlwind finale! Hats off to Rob Mariano for taking his much-awaited personal victory on Survivor. After 10 years and four games, he’s finally achieved his win. Let this be a lesson to everyone that persistence pays off in big ways -- go after your dreams with all your heart, and when you inevitably fail a few times, pick yourself up and try, try again. Winning Survivor takes pushing yourself past your physical breaking point in every challenge, keeping your mind alert when you’re running on fumes and knowing yourself enough to trust your gut when making decisions. It’s not easy (even when you’re playing with a bunch of amateurs, as Rob so delicately put it), and Rob worked hard for it this time. I’m very happy for the big guy! Congrats!

On the whole, I was much more into the reunion than the actual last episode of the show, so I will discuss the more exciting details of what went down live last night. Let us begin with Jeff’s shirt. Since when did he get all buttoned up in black collar? We should all band together and form a petition to bring back the blue, waterproof short sleeves and shark-tooth necklace! I mean, I barely even recognize my favorite host anymore -- and I know you all must be just as upset as I am about this unfortunate wardrobe malfunction!

When I heard whispers of a proposal in the works, I immediately thought it should be Matt getting down on one knee for Natalie. They are my Survivor dream couple! Matt, with his Abercrombie & Fitch haircut, could be a pillar of support for the fresh little glamazon while she rebuilds her morale after a crushing defeat. You have to admit, they’d be a hot little ticket together.

You can imagine my shock when I saw the real proposal with David and Carolina. Ummm … what? Who? It was just so awkward that I had to stop the show and go make myself a s’more. When reflecting on absurd Survivor events, s’mores always help me think better. I must have eaten at least 97 of them when I got back from Heroes vs. Villains. Even after consuming my food for thought, I’m still confused about these two. That being said, I wish them the very best in love and life. With all the Survivor love matches going on and all the repeat contestants going back for more island punishment, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next season is Survivor: Couples Island. Can you imagine the fireworks going down after Carolina votes off her new fiance, David, because she’s crushing on Courtney Yates?! Now, that would be one season I’d love to blog about!

And, last but not least, the answer to the question we’ve all been dying for: Phillip is indeed a former federal agent. No more (?) at the end. From Jeff’s mouth to our ears: Case closed. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of our dearest Philip and his feather headdress. With his wild antics and crazy confessionals, he’s sure to return for another season of Survivor: Loony Bird Island.

Well that’s about all I got for you folks! Thanks for all your support and your great comments! Talk to you guys next season -- somehow, someway ;)

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