'Survivor: Redemption Island': Parvati Shallow's Recap - Episode 13

The winner of 'Survivor: Micronesia' continues her weekly thoughts on game intrigue, strategy and blunders. Warning: spoiler alert.

Parvati Shallow, winner of Survivor: Micronesia and veteran two other Survivor competitions, gives THR her view of Wednesday’s night’s Survivor: Redemption Island.


Girls rule, boys drool. I love that we’re getting down to the wire and Ashley starts playing! It’s the moment we’ve all been praying would happen: We have someone to pull for -- the underdog.

Having a true girlfriend bond is extremely powerful in the game. Every ‘girl’s girl’ knows the golden rule: that you have each other’s backs first (no matter what). When powerful women unite on Survivor for a common goal, magical blindsides occur. Don’t get it twisted -- I’m not saying in any way that Ashley and Natalie are capable of making a power play at this point. With that being said, I am happy that – after 36 days on the island — Ashley is grabbing Natalie and making an attempt at strategy. It’s cute.

“All you have to do is, do what I say.” Sage words from the messiah of Redemption Island. Thanks to Rob's strategic mind and expert relationship-building skills with 19-year-old first-time players (I mean, come on, Natalie is no Jenna Morasca), he's got this game and these people on a string. We’ve watched him call all the shots since Day 1 and systematically devastate anyone he felt could challenge his dominance. Unsurprisingly, seeing Ashley’s tight bond with Natalie set off a few red-hot alarm bells for the guy. He’s worked so hard swinging from his hammock to maintain total control of Natalie’s young mind. And, with Ashley talking final two with Natalie, Rob knows he needs to make a move to break this couple up. He’s definitely not going to let Ashley swoop in and take his Amber away … oopsies, I mean Natalie. With Ashley in peril, I found myself madly pulling for her to win the immunity challenge. I was quite thrilled with the beauty queen for tapping into her competitive side and building her Stephen Fishbach-inspired fishy first. Winner!

With the necklace, she’s safe for now. But, unfortunately, Ashley has backed herself into an impossible situation by voting all the numbers off. Getting rid of Andrea put all the control into Rob’s hands and sealed Ashley’s fate. After this tribal council, she’ll be the next to go.

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But first, the Rob & Grant bromance must come to an end. Breakups are the worst, but Rob has to have some great ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ explanation ready to go. I’m sure he’ll sweet talk his way back into Grant’s heart by saying he sent him to Redemption so he could dominate in the duel and make friends with the people on the jury. It’s all in Grant’s best interest, don’t you see?

PS. I have a news flash! Phillip is normal. I had a chance to get to know the famously underoos-clad superstar when he stopped by esp wellness center last week. Thankfully, he was fully dressed and accessorized with a silver feather necklace, no doubt an homage to his great-great-grandfather. We didn’t talk about the game at all, because I refuse to be spoiled. However, after spending a few moments with the man, I’ve concluded that he’s fairly normal by Survivor standards and that he has been acting out his strategy on the island. He’s worked his crazy role so deep on Redemption Island that Rob isn’t even considering voting him out. He’ll go all the way. Ahh that Phillip – what a peach.

Speaking of peaches, watching how comfortable these guys put the green monster of jealousy in this former Survivor’s eyes. I mean … they have gorgeous wool blankets, a sweet bungalow, lounge chairs, swings and girls getting room service delivered on silver platters. It looks delightful out there! I’m just waiting for a cutaway shot of Will and Kate canoodling in the hammock while Rob shares his crispy rice with the two newlyweds. I’m very excited for this scene to play out on next week’s finale episode.


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And lest I forget to mention RI, I love the fireworks between Matt and Andrea on Redemption Island, and I’m very glad these two remained in the game after their duel. It’s pretty obvious to me that they have some chemistry, so I’m curious to see how they work things out from here.

My prediction is Ashley will be hit by a blindside truck next week and Grant will win the battle at Redemption. I’m fully prepared to cry about it.

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