'Survivor' Season 28 Twist Revealed

Jeff Probst revealed the theme of the upcoming edition during Sunday night's live finale.
Jeff Probst

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Sunday night's Survivor finale.]

Survivor has a new twist in store for viewers next season.

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Host and executive producer Jeff Probst revealed during Sunday night's live reunion show for Survivor: Blood vs. Water that the 28th season will be titled Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn. vs. Brain vs. Beauty.

Probst told The Hollywood Reporter last week that the producers try to give viewers "what they want," and that next season is a "direct response to the fans."

Executive producer Mark Burnett added that, if the current season aimed to answer the question of how people deal with having to vote off a loved one, then the 28th edition will examine "what kind of person is most likely to win Survivor."

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Tyson Apostol was named the winner of Blood vs. Water on Sunday night.

CBS' reality series returns in February.