Susan Lucci on Looking for Love on 'Devious Maids' and Its 'All My Children' Reunion

Devious Maids Still - H 2015

Devious Maids Still - H 2015

Devious Maids may focus on the cleaning antics of complex maids in Beverly Hills, but the third season of the Lifetime soap has featured some pretty salacious stories involving Susan Lucci's Genevieve Delacour.

Between a sex tape with a much younger (and murdered) man and her sexual escapades with boyfriend Christopher (John O'Hurley), Genevieve has had her hands full to say the least. With Christopher officially having moved in during Monday's "Bad Girl," The Odd Couple-like relationship between Genevieve and maid Zoila (Judy Reyes) is about to take another turn. 

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Lucci to discuss Genevieve's sixth (or seventh?) try at love, the Marc Cherry effect and what to expect heading into the finale stretch of episodes. 

How will Christopher moving in affect Genevieve and Zoila?

Zoila has been annoyed with Christopher from the beginning. Actually, Zoila is annoyed with most of the men Genevieve chooses. I’m not saying that Genevieve chooses particularly well, but Christopher looks really promising and Zoila is very annoyed with him. Genevieve, as gorgeous as her mansion is, does not have great soundproofing in her walls, so Zoila is kept awake at night. That makes her extra not happy with Christopher being there. But then Christopher has his own ideas for the house and how it should be run. I’ll just say that it reaches a crescendo.

Was it a mini-reunion for you and John O’Hurley when he was cast in the role?

Absolutely, toward the end of All My Children, John played the thorn in the Erica/Jack (Walt Willey) relationship’s side. He was a Hollywood producer and filmmaker who promised Erica everything she always dreamed of, to be a star in Hollywood. She was very torn and that’s how we left everything at All My Children. John and I also did a made for television movie at one point — neither of us remembers the title but we know that we had a very good time.

Genevieve has some great one-liners that could also come off as terrible, what’s your trick for delivering those?

It’s a challenge because I think Genevieve and Zoila speak to each other like sisters. There’s not the biggest filter in Genevieve’s world. And she doesn’t think she’s saying anything harmful. She thinks that she’s saying something helpful to Zoila or that's just true. And that’s what comes from that.

What is it about Marc Cherry's writing that speaks to and for women?

If it could be reduced to a formula it wouldn’t have the magic. Marc certainly seems to have that magic. He’s a keen observer of people and he’s a wonderful entertainer in the stories he chooses to tell. He’s also very clever and in that wonderful way with most good storytellers who are writers, they hold a mirror up. Whether our characters look in the mirror and see themselves for real or not, it’s a reflection of our time and culture. Yet there’s certainly a timelessness to it too.

Would you say he's helped push how older women are represented sexually on TV?

Absolutely, that’s true of Marc Cherry’s work, and it was certainly true of Agnes Nixon’s work as well. It’s also reflective of life. There are lots of women who are just living life to the fullest and having romance in their lives and taking good care of themselves in a healthy way.

What about with Genevieve specifically?

A driving force with her is that she’s looking for love, she’s looking for a relationship. She’s not a gold digger, although that would be fun to play. But she really is looking for love. That’s an ageless and a very relatable theme for a lot of women. Genevieve has been divorced … I think she’s looking for husband six or seven? There are a lot of women who have been in long marriages or relationships, women in their 20s, too, who are looking for love. That’s universal.

Would you like to see her walk down the aisle again?

Yes, but I’d like to see there be issues to be worked out or not worked out. It’s much more fun to play and watch.

What can you tease about this season's overarching mystery as we head into the last few episodes?

Up until the finale we had all been trying to figure out who did it in the hair and makeup trailer — where everything is spilled. And no one guessed the correct answer except Katrina Suhre, the head of our hair department. She guessed and people said, "No, no, no it can't be." But she was right. By the finale we just were all beside ourselves. There’s unexpected stuff!

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. Who do you think this year's killer is? Sound off in the comments below. 

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