'Switched at Birth's' Katie Leclerc on Return: A 'Steamy' New Romance and a New Job for Daphne (Video)

Switched at Birth returns to wrap up its monstrous first season and star Katie Leclerc was more than willing to preview the next eight episodes.

"In this new group of eight, Daphne gets a new job. With a new job, there's new friends and she makes some really questionable decisions towards the end of the season," Leclerc said during her visit to The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge. "I'm really excited to see what the fans say about her choices."

Perhaps the biggest question, including the ongoing courtroom drama with the Kennishes, that will be answered when the show returns is whether Angelo (Gilles Marini) will remain in the U.S.

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The connection between Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne will continue to be strong -- at least at the beginning.

"Bay and Daphne have definitely connected on quite a few levels. They're the only people who really understand each other, who can fully and completely grasp what it means to have a new family at 16," Leclerc said. "We'll definitely see them have their friendship blossom."

With Wilke (Austin Butler) out of the picture (he's at boarding school) and diving into cooking, Daphne will go through unexpected struggles while working in a kitchen.

"Daphne's very able-bodied and very competent and good at what she does, and yet, there is a hurdle that herself and her co-workers are going to have to learn how to navigate," she said. "One of the good things about Switched at Birth is that you can show the perseverance of Daphne in particular. Whatever obstacle comes her way, she manages to rise above it."

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Though Wilke will not be appearing in the final episodes of season one, Leclerc was hopeful that one day, he will return. (Butler is now co-starring in the CW's midseason drama The Carrie Diaries.) "There's definitely a possibility" down the line for him to return, but not in the "immediate" future.

Leclerc teased that in the next eight episodes "Daphne has a new relationship" (as she describes it, a "steamy" one), "Emmett and Bay have to figure out how to continue their friendship or not have one" and Angelo will "definitely be a force to be reckoned with."

Watch the full interview above.

Switched at Birth returns Sept. 3 on ABC Family.

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