Watch the Trailer for Syfy's Space Bounty Hunter Drama 'Killjoys' (Video)

Don't expect to see any aliens in Syfy's new scripted thriller Killjoys.

Despite creator Michelle Lovretta's fantasy-laden resume, which includes supernatural drama Lost Girl, she promises no vampires, fairies or succubae in her new drama. "It's all about space," she confirmed onstage at NBCUniversal's summer press day.

The 10-episode series, which stars Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane as a trio of badass intergalactic bounty hunters tracking down fugitives, is a joint venture between the network and Canadian sci-fi channel Space.

British actress John-Kamen plays the lead role of Dutch, a top-level Killjoy who chases deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of class war. Ashmore is peacemaker John Jaqobis, and Macfarlane is sarcastic yet loyal solider D'avin.

Macfarlane compared the Killjoys' relationship with law enforcement to private security firm Blackwater's relationship with the military in that it's its own entity that obeys laws within the system, but it doesn't have to follow strict rules. "The one rule that we follow is the saying, 'The warrant is all,' " explained Ashmore. "We basically do what we need to do — bending the rules, if that may be the case — to fulfill whatever the warrant is." Though Lovretta notes that their powers are limited.

The show is executive produced by Lovretta, David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg of Temple Street Productions (Orphan Black), with Karen Troubetzkoy producing. The writers include Jeremy Boxen, who is also a consulting producer, Aaron Martin, Emily Andras and Adam Barken. Universal Cable Productions is distributing the series worldwide.

Check out the trailer ahead of the series' June 19 premiere.