Syfy's 'Total Blackout' Returns: What Is That 'Gooey' Thing in the Box? (Exclusive Video)

In less than a week, Total Blackout returns to Syfy.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a clip from the season two premiere next week, a special parent-child episode where three mother-daughter teams and one mother-son team embark on the pitch-black challenges. After the contestants guess the weight of objects, they must reach into the tank and identify what the objects are.

It being Total Blackout, the contestants get a little frantic -- as seen in the clip above.

A mother is forced to reach down and touch a "gooey," "smooshy" thing, and she exclaims, "It's some juicy balls!" while her son shakes his head. When another mother-daughter team attempts to complete the challenge successfully, the mom yells in fear before she even makes contact with the object. Host Jaleel White interjects in prime fashion: "No more singing, make a guess!"

Does she correctly guess the item in the box?

Total Blackout returns 9 p.m. June 4 on Syfy.

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