'Tabatha Takes Over' Star Names the 4 Biggest Business Mistakes (Video)

We already know that Tabatha Coffey took on more than just hair salons on the fourth season of her renamed Bravo series, Tabatha Takes Over. With Tuesday’s second episode, we’ll finally see how she applies her unique brand of business consultation when the star tackles her first non-salon takeover.

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“I walk into Club Ripples, which is a gay dance club in Long Beach,” Coffey tells The Hollywood Reporter of the second episode. “And I walk into actually an institution, because it’s been there for a very, very long time. It’s very well-known in the area and it was one of the first gay dance clubs in the area.”

Yet, in this case experience doesn’t exactly mean wisdom when it comes to running a business and Tabatha says that the owners have literally begun phoning in to work.

“I walk in to two owners who are incredibly stuck in their ways,” she says. “It’s a bar and it should have been packed and it was crickets. And that was very telling.”

Coffey says that Club Ripples suffers from some of the same business mistakes that she runs into over and over again when taking over any company.

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Here’s her list of the top four business mistakes.

1. Dirt is the worst first impression. “It’s the first thing that’s in your face,” she explains. “So, I look to see how cluttered it is, is it well kept, is it dirty, is there dust everywhere, hair all over the floor, is the place well-manicured and maintained? Because, I think that says a lot about the pride that people take in the business.”

2. Who’s the boss? “Lack of leadership,” Coffey says is a top mistake. “Sometimes they check out, because they’ve never checked in – they don’t really know what they’re doing and they’ve never really checked in. Sometimes, they check out because everything gets so overwhelming. They don’t know how to deal with it, so they kind of check out of their business and they’re not really present in it – either physically or mentally – and then they’re not running it.”

3. Focus on what you’re selling. “You need to have a good product,” she points out. “I don’t care what business it is, you have to have a good product.”

4. And smile. “Your attitude is really reflective, as well,” Coffey adds. “Do you have a passion for it? Are you nice to people? It’s a customer service industry, you have to be nice to people. And it’s free. It’s easy to smile at someone, it’s easy to acknowledge them, it’s easy to ask how their day is. And that’s for any business.”

Watch more from THR’s interview with Coffey above.

Tabatha Takes Over airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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