'The Talk' Debuts Without Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete: What the Viewers Are Saying

The Talk Cast - H 2011

The Talk Cast - H 2011

The Talk returned for Season 2 on Tuesday without original hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. In their place were guest host, Saturday Night Live veteran Molly Shannon, and new host, comedian Sheryl Underwood.

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The Hollywood Reporter scanned the viewer reactions on Twitter and we found that fans were overwhelmingly annoyed by Remini and Peete’s absence. Opinions on how Underwood did in her first time out were generally mixed while Shannon, who’s guest hosting through September, didn’t seem to impress many of the viewers on Twitter.

STORY: 'The Talk' Without Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete: What THR Readers Are Saying

We also got a sense that many viewers felt CBS and the co-hosts should have done a better job of communicating why the co-hosts were no longer on the show and gave the network a pretty universal thumbs down for not addressing the “elephant in the room.”

Fans may be expecting a bit much from the network. After all, Peete received the official news that she was fired just days ago. And Remini said she got her official notice weeks after reports of their dismissal broke.

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Here’s a sample of the most emphatic tweets we found from viewers on the Season 2 premiere:

“Watching The Talk new season. Haven't smiled yet! Without Leah and Holly, this show is a loser!” -- @LynnJ1020

“Ok. I don't know what's going on with The Talk but if their intention was to suck the life & fun out of the show the they succeeded. Sad.” -- mickynix

“Wondering if The Talk is purposely trying to get canceled?” -- redhead5565

“The Talk they didn't even address the elephant in the room. @THEsaragilbert @TheTalk_CBS Disappointed!!” -- flgrl0117

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“THE TALK officially dropped from my DVR -- too bad, I love Sara, Sharon & Julie but CBS U f--ked up! AGAIN!” -- NYjavajunkie

“The Talk premiered missing half the cast. Not pleased. Holly and Leah were the reasons I started watching.” -- torispears

“I predict The Talk is OVER, can you say major FAIL!!” -- Topkat311

“What's sick is I liked The Talk because it WASN’T catty, combative & ugly. What they did to Leah & Holly is ugly & I've lost all respect.” -- SquirrelyTemple

“The Talk is pure garbage now. Its not funny anymore & they didn't even acknowledge Holly & Leah's absence. Good luck with the ratings, guys.” -- gayzzoli

“@sherylunderwood : I see u!, your timing is perfect! Good you listened to @IAmSteveHarvey jokes on time and funny!” -- @Trinityresource

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“@TheTalk_CBS The Talk W/no disrespect to sheryl & molly they don't work!! Don't fix what ain't broken! Bring back Leah & Holly! Immediately” -- amc_nj

“Sheryl Underwood is ridiculous and not funny.” – raymondburks

"@THEsaragilbert nice of u all NOT to explain/ mention anything..this is what we get for being loyal viewers? u could have at least addressed." -- MontrealGuy2011

"hmm. awkward show today. energy level WAS NOT there. Molly is depressing!" -- lisbethlowe

“Disappointed that @THEsaragilbert and @MrsSOsbourne didn't even acknowledge @LeahRemini or @hollyrpeete. Is that how we treat "friends?" -- Michele_Ellis

What were your thoughts on Tuesday's Season 2 premiere? Sound off below in the comments section.

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