'The Talk' Without Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete: What THR Readers Are Saying

Leah Remini Holly Robinson Peete - H 2011
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Leah Remini Holly Robinson Peete - H 2011

After CBS’ The Talk debuted its second season on Tuesday without two of its original co-hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, the viewers showed some confusion on the decision and plenty of critiques for the remaining co-hosts and the network.

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The Hollywood Reporter has received an overwhelming response to the news from our readers via article comments, emails, and Twitter.

Most of you communicated that you didn’t appreciate that the remaining co-hosts, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen, didn’t acknowledge the change – especially as the premise of the show was “girlfriends speaking with girlfriends.” Many of you missed what Remini and Peete brought to the show and how they complimented the other women, saying that you switched the show off early, have removed it from your DVR recordings, or found the show lacking without the two former co-hosts. Quite frankly, we couldn’t find one comment that supported the changes as of the posting of this article.

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Here is a selection of the comments that captured our attention.

Note: Some comments have been edited for content, clarity, or length.

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Miss what Remini and Peete brought to the show:

"Right when it started and I saw the intro without Leah and Holly, I started to cry!! I'm so furious and teary watching it. I still love Mrs. O and Sara, but I COMPLETELY lost respect for The ChenBot! I like Molly Shannon, but not on The Talk! Sheryl Underwood or whatever her name is, she's not that great honestly. This show has gotten to be so depressing!! 🙁 I miss hearing Leah's New York, loud accent and her laugh! She is incredibly funny! For Holly, I missed her stories about her family and everything! The show is just completely NOT I repeat NOT! Going to be the same!!" -- Stephanie via article comment

"Can’t believe Leah and Holly aren’t still on the talk.  The combination of the 5 ladies from last season was great.  Can’t understand why they want to make a change.  Have not enjoyed it the past couple of days and probably won’t continue to watch it." -- Judy via email

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"I watched Talk during my son's nap & LOL, mostly b/c of Holly & Leah. A mistake was made n letting them go!!!!" -- tbhummel via Twitter

"Just had to tell you I thought it sucked! Only reason I watched was for the interaction between Leah and Sarah. The new host is bad and very rehearsed also probably too much “Sexual Innuendo” from her." -- Mark via email

"The Talk needs a new name...THE YAWN!! No chemistry, no fun....New girl is funny but its not enough.. #roadtocancellation" -- banjosNBellies via Twitter

"Was a fan of The Talk, watched 8 mins of it yesterday and deleted it from my DVR. Terrible show. No Chemistry, #EPICFail" -- BetsyT13 via Twitter

"Leah and Holly are bursts of fresh air! Now the air on The Talk is stale.  I won't be tuning in anymore." -- ChaChaLu454 via article comment

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Not happy with the way CBS and the remaining co-hosts handled the situation:

"I feel like I'm mourning! It was one of the bright lights in my day... I'd come home and watch my recording of the show.  I feel cheated and angry, and it makes it worse that no explanation was given. What? Do they think we're five and wouldn't notice? A TOTAL slap in the face. I was unaware that there were any talks of them not returning, so to tune in... all excited to watch them after the break, and see these two strangers in my home, was shocking. And to not explain... How dare they!" -- Marlene via email

"I agree! They dumped my As The World Turns and now ruined The Talk! CBS needs to rethink their management!" -- Earlady66 via article comment

“Watched The Talk just 2 c what they'd say & NOTHING & it was dull as hell. Won't b watching again!” – uforje via Twitter

"WHAT?????? They didn't mention Holly or Leah, I thought they had the day off......NO HOLLY, NO LEAH, NO VIEWER....goodbye "The Talk"......Loser show now…." -- Iszabela via article comment

"I am extremely disappointed in the decision CBS has made with "The Talk".  FIRST...you take two of important elements of the show and you discard them like yesterdays trash.  SECOND...you turn the knife and pour salt in the wound by not even acknowledging their contributions to the show during the first season and everyone acts as if they were NEVER even there!” -- Mike via email

"I just found out they were fired.....what are these people thinking?  This show definitely sucks without Leah and Holly and shame on the other hosts for not being supportive of their 'friends'" -- Rhonda via article comment

Do you agree or disagree with the reader opinions? Sound off in the comments section below!

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