Talk-Show Hosts Joke About Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Engagement

"If two extremely beautiful, filthy rich people can find love, there's hope for all of us," DeGeneres joked about the couple, who announced their engagement over the weekend.
Courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC; Comedy Central

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez aren't the only stars celebrating their engagement.

Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah all sent their congratulations to the newly engaged couple during episodes of their respective talk shows this week.

DeGeneres used the word "wonderful" multiple times to explain the engagement, which she devoted several minutes to Tuesday.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host joked that she didn't know if their couple name was J-Rod, A-Lo, Lo-Rod or J-Lo-Rod.

She then shared Lopez's Instagram announcement that showed off her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. In the photo, Rodriguez is holding Lopez's hand.

"The ring is so heavy he has to hold her hand up," joked DeGeneres. "It's very romantic."

DeGeneres noted that the photo looked like it was taken on a private beach. She jokingly revealed the "trickery" of the photo as she zoomed out and made it look like the couple was actually standing in a sandbox. "Instagram can be so deceiving," she said.

Lopez tagged DeGeneres in the post. "And so I wrote back, 'Yes, I'll be your maid of honor,'" she said. "So that's that."

After she shared that the ring is worth approximately $5.5 million, DeGeneres noted that engagement ring shopping is difficult. "When I was picking out a ring for Portia, I had to put so many quarters in that machine," she joked. "The claw had to be just right and the people at the bowling alley were cheering me on and I got it!"

DeGeneres later said that she might have given Rodriguez the push he needed to propose to Lopez. She then shared a clip from Lopez's last appearance on the talk show. After DeGeneres congratulated Lopez for her two-year anniversary with Rodriguez, she gifted her a clock to tell Rodriguez that "time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose."

"I'm not sure when the wedding is, but I hope it’s not too soon because she needs time to get in shape," DeGeneres joked.

The host added that Lopez already started choreographing the couple's first dance, which will include "three costume changes, backup dancers. A whole thing." She joked, "Front-row tickets are already $800 on StubHub."

"A-Rod is a baseball player, so if I knew anything about baseball this is where I'd put a joke in, but I don't," she said. "Can't make a joke."

DeGeneres concluded the topic by congratulating the couple. "If two extremely beautiful, filthy rich people can find love, there's hope for all of us," she said.

Over on The Tonight Show, Fallon joked, "If it seems brighter outside, it’s either cause of daylight savings or it's the sun reflecting off of J.Lo's new engagement ring."

The host showed the audience a photo of the ring, which was followed by a round of applause. "Everybody else who was gonna propose this month said, 'You know what, summer's good,'" he joked. "'We'll wait. We love each other.'"

Daily Show host Noah had a different reaction, sharing a photo of himself appearing sad and eating ice cream. "This is me yesterday when I found out J.Lo is engaged," he said. "I look different because, clearly, I'm so happy for her and, like, the 20th best Yankee."

Noah pretended to hold back tears before he added, "I'm very happy."

"I'll be fine," he said. "I just wanted A-Rod for myself."