'Jersey Shore' Boss Previews the Wild Ride on 'Tanisha Gets Married' (Exclusive Video)

There are probably many viewers who believe that Bad Girls Club trouble maker, Tanisha Thomas, would never find a man who could put up with her. But, she has and she's getting hitched on Oxygen’s new series, Tanisha Gets Married. And 495 Productions, the producers behind MTV’s Jersey Shore, were along for the ride.

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“After I met Tanisha I literally called the network and was like, ‘Just say the day, I’ll be there,’ ” executive producer SallyAnn Salsano tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We were meeting her to see if we thought it would be a show and what we could do and all this kind of stuff. And let me tell you something, she is polarizing. She is the kindest, warmest girl you’ll ever meet. And then you can flip the coin and she’ll come at you in a way that you didn’t even see coming at the drop of a dime. I’ve never seen someone go from hot to cold that quickly ever.”

That’s quite a testimony coming from the woman who has ushered the rambunctious crew of Jersey Shore through five seasons. Salsano says we’ll see a different side of Thomas on the new series, but she also says that many things don’t change.

“Everyone says, ‘Oh she’s so famous, because she pops off.’ Oh, she pops off all right,” the producer says. “At anybody that will come in her path, the florist, the chef, it doesn’t matter. With that being said, there’s another side to her where you really feel like you’re on this journey and you understand and I think you see another side to her.”

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Salsano says underneath all the drama is just a regular girl who’s trying to make a life for herself. “Listen, Tanisha lives in the basement of her mother’s house with her fiancé. That’s the truth, that where we shot the show,” she points out.

In THR’s first look preview at the series premiere above, Thomas gets fixated on having macaroni and cheese for her wedding reception. And Salsano says that her behavior in the clip is indicative of her unique desires for her wedding.

“The questions that she was asking are not typical questions that brides would ask,” Salsano says. “Like the wedding dress, ‘Does this have pockets, so I can put snacks in it?’ What? These are not normal things that people that deal with this all the time are used to being asked. But yeah, mac and cheese was a big deciding factor on where the venue would take place.”

Tanisha Gets Married premieres Monday at 11 p.m. on Oxygen.

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