Taylor Swift, James Corden and Cast of 'Cats' Attend "Cat School"

The star-studded cast of Cats pranced their way into the Late Late Show Thursday night where they attended "Cat School" with instructor (and film's director) Tom Hooper.

Some of the film's stars, including Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and Francesca Hayward, joined "head cat" Corden as they learned the proper techniques on how to be a cat. 

"He's already pretty annoying and this is only going to make him worse," Swift said when asked for her thoughts on Corden being selected as "head cat" among the cast. 

Wearing a cat costume, the cast had to practice their "meow," climb a yarn ball and exemplify how to open a door, which they crawled through. 

"Being a cat is a lot like being an actor. You sleep for most of the day, then scream at somebody if you need to and eat a can of tuna. You can do whatever you want," Derulo said. 

As the cast grew more frustrated with Corden's demanding ways, Wilson took a subtle jab at the late-night host. When asked what kind of cat Corden would be, Wilson responded: "I'd call him a total dick." 

During one moment, Swift took a break to drink some water, only to be scolded by Corden that she must drink from the bucket of milk on the floor. 

"I was just recently named artist of the decade, but after people see me lap up milk from that giant saucer I am pretty sure they will take that away," Swift quipped (the singer was received the Artist of the Decade Award at Billboard's Women in Music event this month). 

Meanwhile when Derulo wanted to use the restroom, Corden directed him to the litter box in the room. "Has anyone got any air freshener?" Corden asked.

The cast then took on their biggest challenge by confronting Rugby the Dog. After Hayward had difficulty being mean to the dog, Corden kicked her out of the school.  

Later on, Andrew Lloyd Webber — the composer for the film's music — revealed that Hudson would be honored with the "best in show" award and receive a "lifetime supply of Meow mix." 

"I won an Oscar for Dreamgirls and now I won best in show for being a cat. I mean, where do I go from here?" Hudson said afterward. 

Cats hits theaters Friday.