Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Dance Repeatedly on Jumbotrons (Video)

Taylor Swift Tonight Show Still - H 2015

Taylor Swift is known for dancing while in the audience at awards shows, but now she's taking the dancing-spectator thing to a whole new level.

The pop star was a guest on Tuesday's Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon showed video footage of the two of them supposedly cutting a rug at sports arenas.

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"We were famous Jumobtron dancers," Fallon claimed, with Swift adding: "We used to go to the sporting events in New York and just really give it our all."

In the clip, the two show off all sorts of amazing dance moves, including one that recreates a scene from an iconic '80s film. 

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Watch the video below, although you might not enjoy it if you hate seeing perfectly good popcorn go to waste.

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