TCA 2012: '666 Park Avenue' Creator Already Has Season 2 Pitch

666 Park Avenue Cast TCA Tour - H 2012
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666 Park Avenue Cast TCA Tour - H 2012

ABC is banking on 666 Park Avenue as it dips its toe in the horror genre.

Though the series, which creator/executive producer David Wilcox described as a "supernatural soap," has yet to debut, he revealed that there is an idea already for a season two at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour on Friday afternoon.

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"We have a pitch for season two," Wilcox said, adding that he and the writers are "writing season [one] with a very specific plan." Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable are included in the season two plan.

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With cable fare like FX's American Horror Story able to show gore, Wilcox addressed the possible restrictions for a network drama of this type.

"We don't have the tool of gore and blood and that kind of spectacle," he said. "It's forced us to be clever."

As Wilcox tells it, 666 Park Avenue operates on a more psychological level, citing Alfred Hitchcock films, The Shining, Rosemary's Baby and Blue Velvet as inspiration.

"There are people who love to see blood and murder and mayhem and there are other shows on cable that have that freedom to do that," he said. "For us, it's a psychological horror. It's driven by suspense, it's driven by mystery." Wilcox maintained that there "always will be" shocking moments that pop up during the course of the show.

"We want things to be off the nose," Wilcox said later when asked about the devil elements to the premise. "We're not interested in creating a formula for the show. We want to create a mythology that is very rich."

He added: "No one is going to say 'devil' or 'deal of the devil.' That's a different type of show."

In terms of how the episodes will look as it moves forward past the pilot, executive producer Matthew Miller said "the idea is to give in every episode .. both parts of the title": some 666 and some Park Avenue.

STORY: Fall TV Pilot Preview: ABC's '666 Park Avenue'

"The way we're going to structure the majority of the [episodes] are [that there] will be slightly serialized elements and we'll explore [different] residents," he said.

Wilcox noted that the role of Olivia Doran (Vanessa Williams) was expanded when Williams came on board. The classic haunted house question of why people don't just leave will be addressed early on, according to Wilcox.

Terry O'Quinn also took part during the session.

666 Park Avenue premieres Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. on ABC.