TCA 2012: Whitney Cummings Admits 'I Wish I Knew How to Act'

A gigantic studio audience, awkward music cues and too many one-liners also top the "Whitney" star and creator's list of fixes for her NBC sitcom.
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Whitney Cummings will wear another hat this fall when she launches her weekly E! talk show, Love You, Mean It, but when the comedian met with reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, there was a lot of interest in her returning NBC sitcom -- which was never a lock for renewal.

Cummings, who also produces CBS' 2 Broke Girls, admits that the first season of her self-titled series wasn't exactly what she was going for.

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"The first season was a big experiment for a lot of reasons," she said, quick to point out her specific regrets.

"I wish I had known a lot of things," she continued. "I wish I would have known more about the physical production stuff. The laughs felt like too much. We had too many people in the audience, like 250 people. The laughs were really loud."

Her first transition from standup, Cummings also said that she's gotten a better handle on the comedic flow of writing a sitcom.

"I jammed the pilot with jokes," she said. "That combined with the microphones, the audiences laughs were very loud. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!"

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Cummings says the series' studio audience has now been cut down to just 100, so the multi-camera vibe won't come off as strong. She's also gotten involved with the musical cues, which admitted were "a little off."

"If we were on CBS, it probably wouldn't have been a problem," she said, "but we're on NBC."

Leaving on a self-deprecating note, Cummings expressed one more regret from the first run of Whitney: "I also wish I knew how to act."