TCA: Chuck Lorre, Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell: The 10 Funniest Quips From 'Mike & Molly'

Mike and Molly TCA - H 2012
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Mike and Molly TCA - H 2012

Taking the stage and touting the show's ratings success, the cast and creators from Mike & Molly joked about star Melissa McCarthy's success, how a possible wedding between the two leads will change the dynamic of the show and Chuck Lorre's lack of sleep.

Here are the 10 funniest lines from Wednesday's Television Critics Association's winter press tour session.

1. " Yeah, we'll just become Modern Family. (Laughs.) No, they're going to start adopting a crazy amount of children of different ethnicities. We're going to do a Brad and Angelina." -- Creator/executive producer Mark Roberts on how the show will change after the wedding between leads Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (McCarthy).

2."I'm working on a tumor right now!" --Executive producer Chuck Lorre when asked if he's developing more shows beyond Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. "This is just fine."

3. "Oh God, I'm so sick of Melissa! Melissa, Melissa, Melissa!" -- Roberts after s critic asks McCarthy about her big year.

4. "It's been an insane year, I felt like that school thing: I was really anxious to go back to work and see my family there [at Mike & Molly]. It's been all good stuff. This will be great when I am hit by a bus! (Laughs.) I went to Catholic school, so it makes sense." -- McCarthy on her year that's included Bridesmaids and an Emmy win.

5. "It's loosely based on my mother, and I always knew that was a television star waiting to happen." -- Roberts on his inspiration

6. "They give me a lot of opportunity to completely make an ass of myself." -- McCarthy Melissa McCarthy says of producers, after being asked if Saturday Night Live allowed her to do things she couldn't do on the CBS hit.

7. "If you can't root for [Mike and Molly], then you're a little dead inside." -- Gardell

8. "Do I lose sleep over how easy this show is to run? What's wrong with you?" -- Lorre

9. "Same jokes, costs more money now." -- Gardell on how his stand-up career has changed after the success of the show.

10. "There's certain things you can't do…" -- Roberts on the show's boundaries, noting that producers never know what they are. Added Lorre: "Neither does CBS. That's one of the great things about television, it's a floating target." 

Mike & Molly airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

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