TCA: 'Remodeled' Star Paul Fisher Isn't Short on Big Goals

Paul Fisher TCA - P 2012
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Paul Fisher TCA - P 2012

To give a beleaguered press corps an idea of what to expect when the star of The CW’s new reality show, Remodeled, takes the stage, it invoked some comparisons from the competition.

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“If music has Simon Cowell,” head of publicity Paul Hewitt says. “And food has Gordon Ramsay, then modeling has Paul Fisher.”

Fisher is a big time modeling agent who fell victim to the industry’s trappings, then returned to the industry to create his business, The Network.

In this latest venture, he seeks to right the inequity between New York agencies and ones based in smaller towns. According to Fisher, the small, local agencies find the stars and then the NYC agencies snap them up and screw the local agencies. With The Network, Fisher aims to create the largest agency in the world. In the process, Remodeled’s cameras will follow him as he visits struggling Network companies.

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“Modeling agencies manage models,” he explains. “Our company manages agencies.” On the new reality series (Fisher would rather refer to it as a docu-series), he is joined by a team of similarly aggressive agents and his goth-loving assistant who’s good for several snarky asides each episode, Joseph Villanueva.

In his desire to grow from 50 member agencies to 150, Fisher hopes to make some changes. “I’m not a big supporter of the modeling industry,” he says with all earnestness. “I think it can be very damaging to a person.”

Regardless, he’ll find several models each week on the series and throw them to the hungry modeling gods. He’ll also reject women who aren’t rail thin, at least 5-10, and under 20 years old, along with young men who aren’t at least six feet tall. He hands out all this rejection on the show, but says on the panel that he would never disrepect a young person to their face.

The agent also says that when he reaches that almighty 150 agency goal, he’ll be in a better position to change the industry (let’s imagine his show won’t have the potential of being watched by millions of people).

“It’s one of the challenges we face,” he says when asked why he isn’t trying to change the beauty standards of the industry now. “Step 1 is to get into the game. Step 2 is to flex your power to change the game.”

Remodeled premieres Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 9 p.m. and then to its regular time on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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