Why Ted Danson Doesn't Want a 'Cheers' Reboot

While many shows have been rebooted in recent years, Ted Danson has no interest in bringing back the iconic series Cheers.

While visiting NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, the actor said that he has no plans to participate in a Cheers reboot. "It'd be a bunch of people in their 70s in a bar going, 'What? What? A horse walked into a what?'" he explained.

"Maybe Cheers, The Old Age Home," Danson said. After the audience cheered at the idea, Danson said, "Don’t worry. It won't happen to you."

The actor referred to a joke Seth Meyers made earlier in the episode about many '80s stars becoming bad people, including Bill Cosby. "The reason why Cheers became a top-10 show was because of The Cosby Show," said Danson. "It just elevated everything."

"It was a great show and it's a horrible thing that he did, not my place to vote on that, but the show had other actors and it was an amazing show," he said of The Cosby Show. "I think it's okay to say that."

Meyers agreed, saying of the show's legacy, "You know, it's not at the top of the list of the price that's been paid by the awful things that he did, but it is strange that this thing now will be forever tarnished."

Earlier in the interview, the two discussed the time Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgen spent with Meyers' 2-year-old son at a pig racing event. "Mini, mini pigs in a race," said the actor. "And they even had a trough that had water in it, so they'd race a couple of times then jump in and race and the motivation was a plate, truth, of Oreos."

Danson added that Meyers' son is a "wonderful young man." The host responded that his son did not give him any information about the event except that there were pigs. "You want to know why? He blocked it because to be entertaining, it was such a short race, the guy who had the pigs made up all these horrible names like 'Baco-bits' and 'Little Bacon Running' and things like that," Danson explained.

Meyers also asked Danson about a moment on the season two finale of NBC's The Good Place when Danson's character Michael stood behind a bar, a shout-out to his Cheers character Sam Malone, who was the owner and bartender at the bar Cheers.

Danson admitted that it didn't feel natural to be behind a bar again. "It took me a year in a half of playing Cheers, Sam Malone. My voice changed just now. I'm started to quaver. I'm getting nervous," he said. "I never went to bars."

"Playing Sam Malone was an anathema to me for the longest time," he continued. "So going back was — all of a sudden I was full of insecurity and just felt horrible."

He added, "If you watch the scene, you'll notice that I would try to remember what I would do. 'I used to wash shot glasses, yeah.'"

Meyers noted that he can't remember any of the characters doing shots on Cheers. "I went to bartender school and worked my little butt off to learn how to make drinks, and for the first month of shooting I was making Manhattans and Grasshoppers and all sorts of weird drinks," Danson said. "They didn't give a shit. They want their jokes said well and on time, and they're shooting you above your hand."