Ted Danson's 'CSI' Debut: What the Viewers Are Saying

"I love you already," writes one fan of the actor, while another can't separate him from "Cheers."
Ted Danson, left, with Marg Helgenberger

Ted Danson made his first appearance as a member of CBS' CSI team on Wednesday night.

The actor replaced Laurence Fishburne, playing a new CSI supervisor, D.B. Russell, who has his own way of solving the weekly crimes.

Producers have said that Danson's addition to the cast meant the series -- now in its 11th season -- would be lighter and funnier.

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“We wanted a scientist, a Sherlock Holmes; we did not want a science nerd,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told reporters last month at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Viewers hit Twitter after the show's East Coast premiere to share their thoughts on Danson and his character -- and most of those weighing in had positive things to say, including former CSI writer-producer David Rambo.

"Fantastic #CSI premiere tonight," he wrote. "Danson seems to have energized everyone. A great fit, and a fun promise of what's to come this season."

Among the viewer tweets:

omg Ted Danson I LOVE YOU ALREADY. this will be a good season, csi <3

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I'm diggin' Ted Danson in his new role. #CSI

Bonnie Irving
Just watched this! I like Ted Danson on there so far!

Alison J Stevens
Miss grissom [William Petersen] but DB is something interesting too! one thumb up

Jorja Fox: Online (a fan Twitter account)
I like Danson and the justification for the character. This is nice. #CSI

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Joan Molloy
CSI was great too, nice to have some humor back in the show. It was needed!

I think I'm going to like the addition of Ted Danson on CSI.

Quit watching when LF was on it - so bad. Excited to watch it now. I thought it was good!

Randy Holt
Ted Danson on #CSI. Nice.

I definitely like CSI better with Ted Danson than I did with Laurence Fishburne, but I'm not sure how much I like Danson's character yet.

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i'm not really a fan of Ted Danson... i'll give him a chance though!

Jake Tapper
i'm so agnostic i have yet to take a position on Ted Danson on CSI

Tiffany W
Seriously...im sorry, I see Ted Danson in cheers...he cannot change CSI.

Not sure I'm digging the whole Ted Danson on CSI thing. He's gotta be better than Lawrence Fishburne though... right?

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